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Did you know that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine? This highlights the immense importance of keyword research in SEO. In today's digital world, where half of the search queries are four words or longer, mastering detailed and relevant keyword research is crucial for any successful SEO strategy.

To learn more about the best keyword research softwares and how they can transform your online presence, keep reading and discover the tools to unlock your website's potential​.

SEO PowerSuite provides reliable rank tracking, backlink & keyword research, anti-penalty link audit, full website content optimization, effective outreach and link management.

You can get a lot of separate reports using which you can do a lot of SEO and marketing analysis.

In addition, there is an option to combine different tools to see how they work together.

There are both free and paid premium versions available.


The Seobility Keyword Research Tool is completely free and lets you search for keyword ideas in 3 ways: 

  • in the "Related keywords" section, you can search for similar keywords based on a focus keyword
  • in the "URL/Domain" section, you can find the most important traffic sources of a specific URL/domain
  • the "Competitor Analysis" feature lets you compare your own keyword rankings with up to two competitors

In addition, there are various sorting and filter options you can use to narrow down your results and create an individual keyword set. For example, you can limit your search for keywords with high search volume and low competition to find low-hanging fruits for your website.

Another great feature: you can analyze Google's top 10 for each keyword idea without leaving the tool. This way, you can better evaluate the competition for each keyword.

Contrary to many other free keyword research tools, Seobility doesn't limit the number of keyword ideas displayed, which makes it a great free resource.


Keyword Revealer combines all possible actions that might be used when working with keywords, rank tracking, competitive analysis and other exciting SEO tools. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be used by business owners, digital marketers, competitive bloggers and SEO specialists.

Keyword Research

With 10,000+ search locations, find hundreds of long tail keyword ideas in seconds with the amazing keyword research tool.

Keyword Brainstorming

Use keyword (Google or Youtube keywords) brainstorming for discovering new keyword phrases based on searcher intent.

Rank Tracker

View your current rank and measure changes in rankings since yesterday, last week, last month, or since you started tracking the keyword. It’s the rank tracker you’ve been waiting for.

Competitive Analysis

Competitor Insights

You can analyse your competitors simply by entering a URL. See how they are performing against others in the same industry. Find out their keywords. Identify similar sites and more!

Competitor Gap

Find out where the keywords are overlapping between your site and the competition. Find out how you are performing for each keyword against them and identify quick wins!

Backlink Analysis

Simply enter a URL of a competitor and identify all, new or lost backlinks. Preview a URL without having to open multiple tabs and find the anchor placement in the referring website with a single click Keyword Revealer backlink database is made up of 10 trillion backlinks and 2.8 trillion unique urls crawled daily Researching, discovering, ranking and evaluating keywords features are included in the free pricing plan, while other plans are available at the lowest prices when compared with other SEO tools.


Ahrefs is a big data search marketing tool and world’s biggest third party database of search queries:

– 6.1 billion keywords for 200+ countries (2.3 billion for the US alone);
– crawling speed of 4.1 million pages per minute and 15-minute backlink index updates (the – only tool on the market that finds links in JS code besides HTML);
– context index discovering 1.8 million new topics a day.

Launched as a backlink checker, it has evolved into a multipurpose suite with tools for any SEO task.

1. Keywords Explorer has a bunch of metrics exclusive to Ahrefs only – Clicks and Clicks Per Search.

Their main value is in the opportunity to assess your chances of driving traffic.

Thanks to clickstream data processing, the numbers you get are quite accurate.

As Keyword Difficulty is calculated based on the major ranking factor of today – backlinks, this is also an accurate metric to rely on.

2. Site Explorer gives insights into any website’s backlink profile, organic traffic, and PPC campaigns, which makes it perfect for competitor research.

You can track new, broken, and lost backlinks within a necessary timeframe, analyze their anchors, filter them by the language, type (.edu / .gov, dofollow / nofollow, etc), and platform (blog, comment system, ecommerce, etc), etc.

The tool also reveals what content performs best regarding traffic, social shares, and backlinks, etc.

Not only can you check organic keywords for your site, but also compare them with competitors’ keywords to figure out for which they get traffic, while you don’t.

3. Rank Tracker can keep you up on your website’s progress in organic search – the position it holds for a given keyword, whether it’s going up or down, how much traffic it generates, and whether it ranks for any of Google’s SERP features.

You can analyze this data for different devices and locations, compare your results with competitors, and monitor them right from your inbox.

4. Content Explorer is like a standalone search engine that you can use to explore trending content by social shares, backlinks, or traffic.

With lots of filters and advanced searches, you can get easy content opportunities in front of you with a few clicks only. Just set a high traffic amount and a low number of backlinks, that’s all.

Another use case of the tool is a search for backlink opportunities. While exploring content with your business mentions or of any relevant topic, you can highlight domains with no backlinks to yours.

5. SEO Audit can help monitor your site for 110+ SEO issues to make sure it’s Google-friendly.

They include internal and external pages, performance, HTML and social tags, images, content quality, localization, incoming and outgoing links, and much more.

Not only does Ahrefs give a detailed explanation of each issue, but also gives clues about how to fix it.

The interface is equipped with colorful graphs, making it easy to track how your website’s SEO health changes with each audit.


SERPStat is yet another all-in-one SEO tool that covers the areas of keyword research, search analytics, advertising analysis, content marketing research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and onsite auditing.

They cater to both agencies, in-house teams and SMBs. Their pricing starts at $69/month and they have a free trial.


KWFinder is a part of the package of 5 SEO tools offered by Mangools for a price of one tool. This tool offers keyword research narrowed to wanted GEO location (~ 52 k locations). For super localized results you can perform search in more than 40 languages. Close variant keywords are not a problem for this tool, you can find the keyword combinations that you’ll need. If you run out of keyword ideas, this tool will help you with suggestions. is a free keyword search browser extension. It will display volume metrics and CPC across multiple categories without ever leaving the results page. The information provided is quick, accurate and can be customized for different countries. The tool was originally created as a replacement for Keywords Everywhere which was once free but is now paid.


It is proclaimed to be all-inclusive service, some of which are:

– Checking keyword rank traffic
– Website audit
– On-site SEO audit
– Backlinks checking and monitoring
– Doing competitors’ research
– Improving and providing B2B features
– Providing social media management tools.

It has a free trial, after which you have to purchase one of the plans.


SEMrush is a very powerful tool for all digital marketing and SEO professionals. Among many things Sem Rush can be used for keyword research. It shows organic and paid traffic stats of any domain and in almost all countries of the world. In 2019, they revamped their backlink discovery engine in an effort to compete better in the industry and seem to be performing quite well with backlink discovery comparison studies. You can use this tool’s features free of charge but only in limited times of search.


SEO Monitor’s goal is to create a suite of tools that work together to help agencies win, manage, and retain more business.

Chock-full of features like forecasting, proposal making, competition analysis, traffic segmentation, not provided reveals, reputation monitoring, rank tracking, and more, it’s looking to be a worthwhile option to check out if you’re a growing agency and want to streamline your operations.


Wordtracker is a keyword research tool for AdWords campaigns.

It is mostly intended for SEO professionals and online marketers.

You can easily find out market needs and grow your business.

It can help you:

– Build and save projects quickly
– Get high-value keywords in a single search
– Identify profitable niche markets and keywords that are popular and have a low level of competition

Wordtracker isn’t free but there is a free 7-day trial.


WebCEO SEO platform integrates 15 indispensable online SEO tools that every SEOer need.

Using this tool you can perform:
– Effective keyword niche research
– Website audits and analysis
– Safe link building
– In-depth social media metrics and marketing analytics.

You can give your clients a restricted or full access to professional white-label SEO tools available on your own domain and appearing as if you developed them yourself.

The tool is not free but there is a free 14-day trial available.


Identify and prioritize keywords based on the competitive index and high search volume using the keyword research tool. Enter keywords to receive keyword recommendations.

Enter a keyword and domain name to discover the hundreds of related keywords which are relevant to your business and the country.

Analyze the keywords and prioritize them depending on your desire for high search volume and competition. Save the keyword data results as a .csv file for future reference.

ninjaseo keyword tool


Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software. Long Tail Pro allows the user to generate hundreds or thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on 1 single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.

The need for Long Tail Pro was born out of the experience of spending countless hours searching for low competition keywords.



It doesn’t matter if you’re building an amazon affiliate site, trying to market your small business, or if you’ve just started thinking about starting a website. Good keyword selection is the foundation of a good SEO strategy – it doesn’t matter if you’re using Squarespace, Weebly, or WordPress, picking the right keywords can be the difference between traffic growth and stagnation.


The specialty of this software is long tail keywords. Using it, you can shorten the time spent in researching them. This tool can be used for any SEO strategy. Sites found by keywords can be sorted and exported in the lists that can include other metrics powered by Majestic. It has a 7-day free trial and after that you can buy it for a reasonable price.



This tool uncovers the real keywords used by real users as real search terms.

It has an extension for Google Chrome that can work as a background process.

Keyword Tool Dominator leverages databases from Google, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, eBay, Google Shopping and Etsy keyword tool.

Each tool can be bought separately at a one-time purchase.

Keyword suggestions from the corresponding auto complete services are being updated regularly.

You can sign up and try it for free.


This tool is intended for all of you who need to increase profit and bring traffic to their business.

It can be used in content creation, by marketers, for SEO and in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Power Suggest Pro will help you find keywords that are descriptive and not too general, which helps with content creation.

The most interesting feature is a Wildcard search.

You have to buy a license in order to use it.


SpyFu is a platform that helps you get your competitors’ most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search.

It not only collects data and relevant metrics from the competitor sites, but also gives you a full report about their business.

This provides a good perspective on how you should start and which are good and bad practices.

It covers personalized keywords, AdWords Campaign, as well as competitors marketing strategy.

Various pricing plans are available


Keyword Tool gets you tens of thousands of keywords using suggest APIs from Google, YouTube, Bing, and others. Along with these keywords, it also shows you the monthly search volume and the cost per click for them.

It generates long-tail keywords by sending a large number of variations of your seed keyword to the suggest APIs. These variations are created by prefixing and suffixing the seed keyword with all the letters in the alphabet and the numbers 1 to 9. Each API call returns suggested keywords, and by calling the API multiple times, it generates tens of thousands of long-tail keywords for you.

It’s free!


Keyword Planner is one of the features of the NinjaSEM tool offered by 500Apps. The keyword planner will help you choose the finest keywords to target in order to bring relevant traffic to your website. It is capable of discovering new keyword possibilities. You can save money by locating and eliminating expensive keywords. Remove single-word and multiple-word keywords from your list.


Moz is complete SEO platform that provides backlink and rankings data for the website you want to check. It has one of the most recognizable SEO stats, DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority). You can get a few free searches a day or you can install the Moz browser plugin to get free DA/PA data for any site. The pro tool provides tons data about your site: SEO opportunities, possible errors and suggests the way to avoid them. In 2019, Moz redid it’s backlink crawler and claims to now have a ton of backlink data, on par with it’s competitors Ahrefs or Majestic. Regardless of how accurate that is, their domain authority stats are the most used in the industry.


Keyword Planner is a free AdWords keyword research tool for people who advertise their business on the Search Network.

It helps you find a perfect keyword for your business.

It’s a handy tool for finding new keywords or just an additional one for existing campaign.

Search volume helps you decide which keywords you should use but success depends on a variety of factors, such as budget, product, and customer behavior.

This tool requires creating a free account and to get the best keyword volume data, Google requires an AdWords account with some budget running through it.


Keyword Density Analyzer is designed to help you with comparing pages side by side and determining if the page is competitive with other best ranked pages.

Keyword density stats are really valuable in SEO strategies.

It’s best that the keyword density is well optimized and not overdone.

This tool can also help you refine the keyword distribution within the content of your site.

You can use it free of charge for checking keyword density of any website.


AdWords and SEO Permutation Generator is a small but useful tool for generating tons of keyword ideas at the click of a mouse. Paste in your keywords in three different fields, hit “Generate Permutations” and the tool will permutate and combine them into keyword ideas.


Google Trends allows you to find out how popular any given search term has been in a given timeframe. It is great for keyword research and spotting event-triggered spikes. It will be especially helpful for seasonal businesses since you will know exactly when your products or services are trending, so you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.


Social Animal is a web tracking tool that analyzes top-performing content and authors for detailed insights on your choice of topics or keywords. With the powerful search function, you’ll streamline your research process from hours to seconds.

Enter any keyword to find top-performing content, articles, authors, and domains, and get a complete overview for the topic you have in mind.

Social Animal sifts through millions of articles and sites to give you the most relevant results, resulting in actionable insights.


LSIGraph is the latest free SEO tool on the market which allows you to generate Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords.

This is a very easy-to-use tool and anyone can try it, even with no SEO skills at all.

All you need to do is add your target keyword, and it will generate the associated LSI keywords that you can then use in your content and anchor text.


Jaaxy is a keyword and research platform developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

This tool collects information from search engines and shows search and competition data.

It allows you to search for any keyword that might come into your mind and helps you determine how you can get ranked for a specific keyword.

A domain search feature is also available and it’s mobile friendly as well.

Try it free of charge or buy a Pro or Enterprise version.


Keyword Eye is a visual keyword and competitor research tool.

It gives you a clear look on what the market is looking for and helps your own business to grow.

The data is sourced from SEMRush, Grepwords, Google/YouTube/Amazon Autocomplete.

It provides a 7-day free trial, a monthly and annual package.


KeywordSpy is intended for everyone who needs insights into competitor’s keyword research strategy.

This tool offers real-time tracking in monitoring keyword performance and affiliate intelligence.

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the supported search engines for this tool.

A free trial is available, after which you can buy a plan that suits you most.


This is a long tail keyword tool for website owners, bloggers and marketers who want to increase search engine traffic.

While analyzing your existing website traffic, it generates and provides you with the best keyword suggestions for your audience.

There is a SEO checker that will help you to optimize the page for target keywords.

You can try it for free, but if you want an unlimited access you can buy it for an affordable price depending on the pricing plan (pro, business or agency).


If you need some keyword ideas and suggestions for your content, Bing Keyword research is there to help you.

This keyword research tool is a part of Bing webmaster tools and can be accessed by creating a Bing account.

All data you can get from this tool is based on organic and not paid search.

Research history keeps track of up to 25 keywords.

This tool can be used in many languages and countries/regions.


UberSuggest started as a simple tool that provides more data on a keyword. Using it you can get keyword overview, suggestions, keyword difficulty, as well as the competitive overview. The result would be the list of the best keywords you can collect for your new SEO site building. After Neil Patel’s purchase, he’s begun adding new features to complete with industry leaders which include a backlink checker, weekly keyword rank tracking and competitor analysis. It’s free for now so give it a spin.


GrepWords is a huge keyword database with several internal tools and related APIs.

It helps you determine the most accurate keyword that the API puts into the database after the research.

The API receives HTTP requests and can return data in JSON, XML, or CSV formatted responses.

This tool is great for SEO specialist.

A 2-week free trial is available, after which you can choose the most suitable pricing plan.


Using SECockipt tool you can get unique keyword suggestions.

It can be used equally successful as a mobile app on your phone or tablet.

You can try this tool with 30-day risk free trial, as well as easily accessible training materials and support.

If you decide to use this tool you will get a bonus tool called Run tracker free of charge.



YTCockpit helps you find popular keywords on Youtube.

It also shows you how difficult it is to rank for those keywords depending on the competition.

This tool gathers data from Youtube Suggest and Google AdWords and lists info on your competition for the top 20 ranking videos for every keyword found.

Users can see the average video length, number of likes and amount of comments for each video that ranks for a given keyword.

The tool is not free, but there is 30-day money back guarantee.


Tired of getting “not provided” instead of your keyword data in Google Analytics? Keyword Hero was created to help you with just that. The tool collects your keyword data from nine different sources, including Google Analytics, Search Console, and more via Google-certified API access. And while it won’t magically reveal 100% of your keyword data, it will still give your data a huge boost.


Yep, it’s really called the Keyword Shitter. And the name fits the tool quite well. Have you guessed what it does yet? It helps generate hundreds of keyword ideas by simply typing in your main keyword and clicking start. It is great for both short and longtail keywords, and for a free tool that costs absolutely nothing to use, it can come quite handy when you’re in desperate need of some keyword ideas.


Seed Keywords is a very simple tool that can be used as part of your keyword research exercise. In it, you can create scenarios, for example, “if you wanted to go to a restaurant, what would you search for”, get unique URLs for those scenarios and send them to your friends, contacts and customers via email or message for them to answer and give you keyword ideas.


Soovle is a great little tool for keyword research and content creation inspiration. It collects data from all the major services including Bing, Google, Amazon,, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and YouTube all in one place. All you have to do is type in a search term, and suggestions will start appearing all over your screen.


The Bulk Keyword Generator is the perfect keyword generation tool for local businesses. First, choose your business type, then type in the location you want to create keywords for, and after clicking “Generate” you will get your custom list of keywords for that business type and location. You can also export them in .CSV format to access later. is an awesome keyword research tool that snatches keyword ideas right out of Google’s autocomplete suggestions. In SERPs, you will see no more than five autocomplete suggestions per query, but shows up to 20! The tool will also add different letters to your query to get hundreds of unique suggestions in a matter of seconds



Keys4Up is a keyword research tool in its most basic form. Just type in your keyword in the field, click search, and the tool will give you the list of all its related keywords. You will have to register to get access to all of the related keywords though because if you don’t Keys4Up will only show a fraction of all keywords.


WonderSearch is another tool for keyword research. After entering in your root keyword, WonderSearch will reveal all of its semantically-related keywords for you. So, if you’re in need of some fresh keyword ideas, this little site can come in handy.


SEO Hero might seem like another semantic keyword finder at first glance, but it’s actually much more than that. After you type in your keyword into it, it will actually scan the top 100 URLs ranking for that keyword, extract n-grams and reveal all relevant, semantic concepts and topics that those websites cover to help you generate new content strategies and ideas.


Much like the keyword permutator, KeywordIn is a simple tool for generating keyword ideas by combining various short keywords into long-tail ones. This tool can have up to 9 columns from which it will take and combine your keywords. It also gives you a selection of 3 match types: exact match, “phrase match”, and [exact match].


Keyworddit is a rather unique keyword research tool. It works by extracting the most used keywords and phrases from subreddits. Just type in the name of a subreddit, hit “Get Keywords” and you will be given a list of keywords, ranging from as few as 10 to thousands of mentions. Keep in mind that subreddits with more activity will naturally have more keywords than ones with fewer messages and users.


Keyword Surfer is a tiny Google Chrome extension that serves a single purpose: to save you time by showing search volumes directly in search results. As soon as you type in your target phrase, not only will you get the search volumes, but also keyword suggestions, visibility metrics, related terms, and even on-page data.


The AdWords & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator is a simple permutator in its most basic form. Enter in short keywords into three columns and watch the tool spew out hundreds of variations in the big box below.


Getting information about newly-built links can take a couple days if you look at your analytics logs and even up to a month if you’re using search engine reports. Linkstant, on the other hand, gives you immediate access to all of your newly-built links, their URLs, and anchor texts within seconds of their creation. This will both keep your link building team motivated and save you a good deal of precious time.


Short on content ideas? FaqFox is a lesser-known tool that can scrape up tons of content ideas from questions that people have asked about your topic. Paste in your keyword, and select from pre-made site categories or add in your own URLs to see people’s questions that you can answer in your own content.

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