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You might have scrolled through countless agency pitches already if you're reading this.


So, let’s skip the usual buzzwords like 'quality' and white hat.'


Instead, we invite you to explore our link-building philosophies and see real examples of our blogger outreach.


If you like what you see, this could be the start of something beautiful. 🥂

Before We Talk Pricing, Here’s What You Need to Know:

A blogger outreach agency can deliver links in these ways:


  • GodFather Technique (Giving favors to bloggers so they owe favors back)
  • Old School Link Building (Using a database of paid bloggers)
  • Editorial Link Building (Getting an organic inbound link that's not traded for, asked for, or paid for)


🎵 This is How We Do It:


 Other Guys

Godfather Technique

The "Godfather Technique" making an irresistible offer to secure blogger collaborations. It draws from the iconic line, "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse," from The Godfather.

Here’s some examples:

- Point out an issue in their content that you can help fix, establishing your expertise

- Share a valuable backlink from a reputable site

- Give a free subscription to a useful tool

Doing more than just asking for links opens a world of possibilities.



Old School Link Building

What's this?

Blogger charges the agency $100, and the agency charges you $200, for example.



Editorial Link Building

Why it close to impossible to deliver this at scale:

  • Content Quality: Most agencies can't create best-in-class content across multiple industries.
  • Bloggers' Standards: Top bloggers prefer publishing their own high-quality content, not substandard guest posts.
  • Cost vs. Value: Spending $200-$400 on a guest post often doesn't secure links from high-quality sites. Agencies typically use generalist writers targeting less discerning blogs. It's the only way to offer the service in a timely manner because:
    • Scalability: It's nearly impossible to scale this service effectively.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Difficult to offer competitively priced services while maintaining quality.


We focus on the Godfather technique simply because you can get great links while maintaining scalability and affordability. That's a great combination for you and us!

Our Average Link Metrics Do All the Talking!

  • DR 59
  • 2.4 inbound vs outbound links
  • 78,177 traffic
  • $214 cost
Just so you know, there’s no magic behind our success. It's all about smart investments in our infrastructure. Our sister tool, Pitch Panda, streamlines our process, making it super simple to do the Godfather technique with scale. That’s why we're able to secure 80% of such links organically, while other agencies are still paying to keep up.

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Campaign Examples

We thought you might appreciate a behind the scenes look!

Dental Job Board Wants Genuine Links


Genuine links in the Dental Space? Sure, it's tough—but we can do it.

A dental job board website, tired of their previous agency, decided to team up with us. They had one thing on their mind: no more generic link building sites; they wanted genuine dental industry sites. We understood the assignment and got straight to work.


The Key is Prospecting

To prevent low-quality links, we start with high-quality prospects. We use Google because a site ranking for relevant industry terms is likely credible. We begin with 5000 dental keywords from Ahrefs, scrape the top 50 Google results for each, and end up with thousands of potential sites. Our team, supported by several tools, then thoroughly vets each one.


A Nice (perhaps a bit too wordy) Outreach Template

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Responses From People Who Don't Normally Respond

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Where We Started and How It's Going

Card Image

Monthly Blogger Outreach Service: TeamSense's Experience

Blogger Outreach Service: 50 Links Monthly😲

Branded Homepage Link Building Campaign: 14 Links, 90 Days, 3x Traffic 🤯

Listicle Link Building Campaign: Links from Softr, Research, Aloa and More

Keeping it Quality

Quality assurance is kind of like our thing. We're a lab after all.

Results. Results. Results!

Ever have a Cuba Gooding Jr., SHOW ME THE MONEY! moment? We'll here's the money!

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Questions we hear all the time

What is blogger outreach service?
A blogger outreach service is a company that helps you connect with bloggers in order to promote your product or service.

The process usually starts with finding relevant bloggers who would be interested in what you're offering, and then doing manual outreach to see if they're interested in writing about it.

If they are, the outreach service will help you create a piece of content that is high-quality and interesting, and then they will work on getting it published on the blog.

This can be a great way to get exposure for your product or service, build backlinks as well as to build relationships with influencers in your industry.
Is blogger outreach a safe strategy?
Yes, blogger outreach is a safe way to build links as long as it is done properly. The key is to make sure the blog owners you're working with have editorial integrity care about the quality of the content and links they're publishing. If the blogger is fine with publishing any old link, then the editorial integrity of the blog is low and eventually links from that blog become worthless or harmful.

Checking for spam is a key component.

We check each website's domain authority using Ahrefs DR and their total website traffic. We also review the last several posts from their blog. If they are all low quality guest blogs, we consider it a spam site. If a website links out way more than it has links inbound, its a red flag. We do not consider a website to be spammy just because it has a lower DR or website traffic. In fact, there are many fantastic niche sites with lower metrics where a curated link would greatly benefit your backlink profile. All metrics will be shared in our link tracker and our pricing methodology is fair - lower metric sites cost less.

Is Blogger Outreach similar to a Guest Post Service?
We execute blogger outreach campaigns to generate link building opportunities, one of which is guest post links. However, performing genuine outreach also enables us to deliver other types of link building strategies including scoring editorial links and link placements onto existing content.
Why Try Our Blogger Outreach Services?
We have a client-friendly and results-oriented approach to blog outreach that combines simple pricing with flexible deliverables. The end results is better Google rankings for you at a fair cost without worrying about low quality links.
How Does Your Blogger Outreach Work?
You signup to our dashboard to see more details about pricing and book a free consult. Once we review our link building proposal, if you decide to move forward with payment, you'll be introduced to your dedicated account manager and we'll start the process of improving your search engines.

Each month, our outreach team will launch a new link building campaign and keep you apprised of the outreach links we build via our shared link tracker.

Our account manager and SEO strategists are always available via email and phone call to discuss how the outreach process are paying dividends.

You get reports monthly which includes a summary of link building methods we're using, how the search engine rankings are doing and what our plan is moving forward.
Can You Link Using Specific Anchor Text?
Because we are a fully managed blog outreach service, we plan anchor text for each your target pages. We use our sister company, Linkio, to determine what type of anchor text percentages performs well for your target keyword, and craft your backlink profile to compete. This will include a combination of niche relevant, branded and exact match anchor text.
Do Blogger Outreach Services Really Work?
A Blogger outreach agency can guarantee placements and promise to increase your domain rating and domain authority with natural links but it takes more than high quality backlinks to get great SEO results. If your content strategy and onpage SEO is sound and you have an appropriate budget to meet your digital marketing goals, blogger outreach can absolutely work to improve your keyword visibility and get your content seen on popular blogs.

Although we specialize in outreach, we know you can't ignore those other things and a part of our consulting is discussing what else needs to improve in order for an outreach campaign to pay off.
What is quality blogger outreach?
If each outreach stage is performed with high standards, then you can consider it quality blogger outreach. Examples of this include using popular SEO metrics and common sense to evaluate suitable opportunities, writing quality content, and having appropriately skilled people working throughout the blogger outreach process.
Who writes the content?
We have high quality content written by English-fluent writers who understand how to structure content that people would read. They are fully trained on using tools like Surfer SEO to increase the chances of blogs post ranking.

Always Consistent. Always Quality.

Your link building campaign, large or small, is our priority. We've got the muscle to scale up and the heart to give you our full attention.

Trusted by Experts

I've been at REH for years and seen lots of outreach services. Your system stands out with its transparency and efficiency. I'd happily recommend it to anyone looking for real results.

Edward Richardson

Co-founder, Renewable Energy Hub

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