best free seo tools

Best Free SEO Tools

Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and Bing holds a significant share of that market? To boost your online presence without breaking the bank, we've compiled a list of the best free SEO tools that can help skyrocket your website's rankings and traffic.

Linkio’s Email Picker Tool is a bulk actions email prioritization tool that helps you choose the best contact email for each domain on your outreach list.

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 50 emails associated with each target domain on your list. With the Email Picker Tool, you simply create prioritization rules for which types of emails you find most valuable for your outreach, and the tool will pick the most relevant email for you.

For example, if you prefer to reach out to someone in marketing from your target companies, you can set that as a priority one. Then you can say, if there is no one from marketing, choose someone from the C-suite. And if there is no one from the C-suite, choose a general inbox email.

Using this free tool, you can set up your own custom rules or use the tool’s pre-build formulas and let the software do the heavy lifting, thus saving you hours of work.


Once you have a list of link targets, paste them into this tool and run some simple bulk actions to clean up the list. You can remove certain .TLDs, different categories of websites, like social media sites or web 2.0 sites, filter by characters found in the root domain or URL and much more.

In almost any prospecting list, you’ll have lots of junk that you need to filter out. With this tool, a vast majority of the removals become automated. With it, save more time and have cleaner prospecting lists.


WIX is an awesome free website builder that lets you create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.

With it, you can design an entire website from the ground-up, add advanced features, edit your mobile view, and optimize it for search engines, all within its straightforward visual interface.


Calculating the importance of anchor text percentages is well understood by the SEO community. However, not many SEOs understand the value of calculating your backlink title tag percentages.

It’s another area for optimization, helps you understand why your competitors may be ranking higher than you, and give you ideas for new article topics for your guest posts.

Simply paste in a list of your backlinks, input your keywords and hit go.



If you build backlinks via link insertion, this tool can be a big timesaver. Enter a list of sites and a list of keywords into the tool.

The tool gives you all of the relevant blog posts to potentially go after.


HubSpot’s marketing tools include live chats, contact forms, ads, reports, and more, all tightly-packed into a neat CRM.

With its help, you will get much more data on your leads, including additional contact information, even job titles and social media profiles.

Using the built-in analytics, you can easily track which pages, offers, and traffic sources drive the most conversions, and start turning more visitors into customers using that information.


If you have a lot of backlinks going to a particular page, use this free tool to figure out what your percentages are without the manual categorization effort.


Linkio’s anchor text generator gives you 100’s of anchor text ideas based on your keywords, brand name and page type.

All you have to do is type in your brand name(s) and exact keyword(s) and then selection between 1 of 7 page types: blog content, long-form content, company homepage, company service page, E-commerce product page, local business home page and local business service page

Then choose if you want to see any of the following anchor text type: keyword/just part of keyword + words, branded, branded + keyword and just natural


This little Title Case Converter allows you to convert the text you enter in to Title Case, it will also un-capitalize words if they’re erroneously capitalized in the input.


Bulk add suffix / prefix to keywords is a FREE online tool that will help you add any given prefix or suffix to any batch of keywords that you are working with.

Just copy and paste your keyword list into the text area, add your suffix/prefix (or both), and the tool will generate a new list of keywords, with the suffixes and prefixes applied.

This tool will save you  a lot of time, especially if you need to bulk edit a bunch of keywords at once.


The FAQ Page Schema Generator can help you quickly create the required structured data for your content to be eligible for display as a rich result in Google search.

The tool works on both desktop and mobile, and requires absolutely no coding knowledge to use. With it, you can create your own structured data markups with just a couple of clicks!


The FREE Scroll To Text Fragment Bookmarklet will help you easily generate Scroll To Text Fragment  links.

All you have to do is add it to your bookmark bar, highlight some text on any page, and press on the Bookmarklet, which will in turn instantly generate a link that leads to this specific part of the text on your page.




Want a quick way to check for nofollow links and the recently introduced - the ugc and sponsored links on a webpage? Try this FREE Bookmarklet.

It is extremely simple to install and use: all you have to do is drag the Bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar, and press it when you want to reveal all links on a page.

Regular links will be highlighted with green, nofollows with orange, ugc with beige, and sponsored ones with red.


This is  a handpicked collection of advanced search operators and URL modifiers from Google. You can use these to filter Google’s search results.

If you need a quick search operator and URL modifier cheat sheet, then Supple is the kind of thing for you.



This tool’s name speaks for itself, really. It makes generating a unique Google Business Review link as easy as typing in your business name and selecting it from the drop-down menu.

You can choose between two review options: one displaying all of your previous reviews with an option to write a new one, or only showing the review box itself.

After you select your business, you will get a full URL, short URL, an email URL, and even a QR code that users can scan to leave reviews.

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