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Newsworthy brands rank better

Links derived from digital PR are proven to improve your online visibility and reach. Your brand gets more recognizable, your website traffic grows, and the SEO benefits get your rankings higher. It's a cost-effective marketing channel that keeps giving long term value long after the campaign is ended. 
Outreach Labs Promise
The beauty of our service is you pay for the outcome, not the attempt. Each campaign is guaranteed to yield high authority links, or your money back. We have an experienced team of researchers, media strategists and outreachers to get the job done.
Links that Drive Rankings
2D link building is building pages to your most important pages. 3D link building is establishing your domain as a trusted brand in your niche so all your pages rank with less effort.

Three digital PR campaign types

Data Campaigns
Turning public and proprietary data into newsworthy insights
Expert Insights
Getting your expertise front and center on industry leading outlets
News Jacking
Leverages trends in Google and social media to generate media insights from your brand

The Process

How we'll unlock awesome link opportuniites for your brand.
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    Begin with a precise goal-setting phase, where we identify your brand's objectives for targeted PR campaigns. This step ensures a customized strategy, aligning our efforts with your aspirations. By analyzing your brand's unique selling points and target audience, we lay a solid foundation for developing compelling narratives that resonate with both media outlets and your desired demographic, setting the stage for impactful and measurable PR success.


    Our method centers on crafting authentic stories that journalists and audiences engage with, using a white hat approach to secure organic media coverage. By focusing on merit-based content creation rather than paid placements, we ensure your brand gains credible backlinks and authoritative mentions. This strategy enhances your digital footprint and builds trust within your industry, leveraging the power of earned media to elevate your online presence effectively.



    We prioritize stories that balance promotional content with genuine interest to captivate media and readers alike. Avoiding overly niche topics, our narratives aim to be relevant, engaging, and shareable across platforms. By understanding the media landscape and audience preferences, we tailor content that fits within your brand's sphere of relevance while ensuring it's compelling enough to spark conversations, drive engagement, and, ultimately, earn valuable coverage.
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    Content Types

    Our content strategy encompasses three main types: data-driven insights, reactive stories, and expert commentary. Whether leveraging industry statistics, responding to current events, or providing authoritative advice, these categories position your brand as a valuable information source. This diversified content approach not only enhances your brand's visibility but also establishes its thought leadership, engaging your target audience with relevant, timely, and informative narratives.


    A story is only as good as the eyeballs on it, so we invest deeply in researching outlets, finding journalists, and being able to efficiently reach out to them to get your story into their inbox. In addition to national outlets in your broader niche, we'll target local outlets for an even wider coverage zone. Our goal is to find journalists who have written recently about your niche and building an ongoing relationship with them. 


    Execution is key to our strategy, focusing on securing high-quality links and amplifying your brand's message. Our process includes comprehensive campaign planning, from initial research and story development to media outreach and follow-up. We aim for impactful placements that not only increase your brand's visibility but also reinforce its authority in the industry, achieving tangible results through strategic story pitching and persistent media engagement.
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    We avoid blogs with "write for us" pages for prospecting, as this strategy has been abused by link sellers and many reputable blogs don't have them. Instead, we identify blogs that accept guest content through in-depth research. Our strategy involves directly reaching out to quality blogs in your industry to discover their openness to guest content.
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    Clever Pitches

    We use a mix of tools, AI, and hard work to make sure every email is different and persuasive. Our approach is all about personalized pitches that offer clear benefits, making it easy for bloggers to say yes to our guest posts. Thanks to our great network of bloggers, we can always come up with something appealing.
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    Impactful Topics

    A useful anchor text link is good, but it's even better when it's from an article that matches the category you're targeting. That's when you really start to see the benefits of smart link building stack up.
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    Worthy Content

    AI content works well for now, but we think its days in Google's top ranks are numbered. So, we stick to the human touch: a content manager, writer, and editor crafting content that's uniquely human. It's extra work, but it's worth it to keep your links strong for the future.
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    Avoid Patterns

    Google's algorithm is smart – it spots patterns in link building and might ignore repetitive guest posts. That's why we mix things up by default, keeping our approach varied to stay on Google's good side.
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    Real benefits appear when you consistently post over time, not just from a few guest posts. Our approach is all about ongoing quality – we're always finding new opportunities, crafting pitches, writing, and publishing to maintain a steady, high-quality presence.

We can do it all for you

Content Creation
Whether its publishing content on your blog or simply writing press releases with homepage attribution, we've got you covered.
Journalist Outreach
Only the unrelenting execution of prospecting, personalizing, outreaching, follow up and organization can generate links at scale.

Meet your new team

Everything Runs Better When You Have A Specialized Team
PR Strategists
Your point of contact keeping you updated, makes sure monthly campaigns are on running smoothly.
Expert Researchers
Data experts that can gather and analyze data fast - so we can build your story fast.
Media Outeachers
Prospectors and outreach managers working together within clever workflows to deliver quality links efficiently and with scale.

Branded Links are king — here’s why

Branded Links from the Top Sites
mean Google will trust your authority and rank your content
Engaging content increases the chances of getting referral traffic.
Investing in good content early opens up the door to easier opportunities later.
Your Business Stays Ranking
Once you're on Google's good side, welcome to having an unbeatable business!
As Google Penalizes Sites
it promotes your site. Because it wants trustworthy brands to appear

Premium guest posts do more than just deliver a backlink

Easier Rankings
Publish content and see it rank fast. Google trusts what you have to say because media sites do too.

Digital PR means more than just links

Staying Ranking
As your competitors play rankings roulette, watch your rankings stay strong and safe thanks to your amazing backlink profile
Gain Recognizability
All those brand mentions are proof to Google but also proof to your prospects that you're a legit player in your industry.
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Strategic PR Foundations
Earned Media Coverage

The process secures coverage without paying for press releases, ensuring authenticity and credibility.

White Hat Link Building

Utilizes ethical strategies for backlink generation, enhancing the brand's SEO without risks.

Newsworthy Story Creation

Focuses on generating media interest through relevant and engaging stories, increasing potential for coverage.

Execution & Assurance
Varied Content Strategies

Offers diverse story types including data-driven insights, reactive stories, and expert commentary to cater to different media needs.

Guaranteed Link Minimums

Promises a minimum number of backlinks per campaign, with an emphasis on quality and high-tier links.

we hear
all the time

What is the Outreach Labs Digital PR process?

Outreach Labs creates stories that journalists want to cover, which results in them crediting and usually linking to the brand's site. Coverage is earned without paying for press release publication or article links, using a white hat method that is powerful for building backlinks. Although control over the use or reference of the information ultimately lies with journalists, efforts are made to correct any unlinked or incorrectly referenced mentions.

How do you ensure the newsworthiness of your stories?
Stories are designed to be of interest to the media, focusing on topics that readers are likely to engage with and share. They avoid being too promotional, too niche, or irrelevant to the outlet's coverage areas, ensuring a balance between newsworthiness and relevance to the client's industry.
What are niches can I choose and how do they impact story creation?

Clients provide their niche to guide the creation of stories that are both newsworthy and related to their industry. A broader niche allows for a wider variety of story angles and opportunities for major media outlet interest.
What types of stories does Outreach Labs create?
Stories are categorized into three types: data-driven, based on public data to reveal or rank something; reactive, responding to news events with interesting insights; and expert commentary, offering advice or insights to position the client as an authority.
How does Outreach Labs approach nofollow vs dofollow links?
We recognize the importance of having a natural link profile featuring both nofollow and dofollow links, noting that Google uses nofollow links as hints for ranking purposes. We do not specifically target one type of link over another as high end media sites typically give out both.
Is it necessary to have an asset page for linking?
We prefer to create an asset page quarterly so there are tangible assets to leverage but we also run campaigns without any. Instead, links are directed to the homepage or a specified inner page, which has proven to be effective in the vast majority of cases.
What is the timeline for delivering a campaign?
Initial campaigns typically span 6-8 weeks, covering ideation, validation, data collection, press release writing, outreach, and follow-up. Opportunities for reactive stories are also continuously sought throughout this period. With monthly packages, we continuously spawn new campaigns to fill out the calendar.

Always Consistent. Always Quality.

Your link building campaign, large or small, is our priority. We've got the muscle to scale up and the heart to give you our full attention.

Trusted by Experts

I've been at REH for years and seen lots of outreach services. Your system stands out with its transparency and efficiency. I'd happily recommend it to anyone looking for real results.

Edward Richardson

Co-founder, Renewable Energy Hub

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