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Subject: Got Room for a {{Keyword}} Deep Dive Hi {{Editor Name}}, I enjoyed your piece on {{keyword}}. It sparked an idea for a complementary article that covers {{Article Content Summary}}. I'm {{Your Name}}, with a seasoned background in {{Keyword}}. This topic is close to my heart, and I'm eager to share perspectives that I believe your audience will appreciate. I’ve put together a rough outline (attached) and I’m open to any suggestions you have. Also, if there's a specific angle or topic you're looking to cover in {{Target Blog Name}}, I'm all ears. Thanks for the consideration and would love to hear back. Best, {{Your Name}} {{Signature}}

Expertise Showcase

Subject: Fresh {{Keyword}} Insights for {{Target Blog Name}}? Hi {{Editor Name}}, Hope you're doing great! I've got an article idea that might just be a perfect fit for {{Target Blog Name}}. It's titled "{{Your Article Title}}" and dives deep into the world of {{Keyword}}. A little about me – I'm {{Your Name}}, and after a decade in {{Keyword}}, I've got a knack for looking at things from a unique angle. Curious? Feel free to take a sneak peek at my past work on {{Your Website}} or my articles for {{Previous Publications}}. They'll give you a taste of what I can bring to the table. This particular piece will focus on {{Article Content Summary}}. I've attached a brief outline to give you an idea. Let me know what you think! Really appreciate your time and looking forward to the possibility of adding something special to {{Target Blog Name}}. All the best, {{Your Name}} {{Signature}}

Guest Post Swap

Subject: Team Up for a {{Keyword}} Guest Post? Hi {{Editor Name}}, How about a guest post swap for {{Target Blog Name}}? I’m {{Your Name}}, a {{Keyword}} enthusiast. I've got a great piece in mind: "{{Your Article Title}}." I can bring fresh content to your site and share it with my audience for extra reach. Let's help each other grow. Interested? I’ve attached a quick outline. Best, {{Your Name}} [Signature]

Specific Topic

Subject: {{Target Blog Name}} Hi {{Editor Name}}, I've got an article idea for {{Target Blog Name}}: "{{Your Article Title}}." It's all about {{Article Content Summary}}, which I think will hit the mark with your readers. Being a decade into {{Keyword}}, I'm deep into this topic and believe your audience will find the content both insightful and engaging. I’ve attached a quick outline to give you a glimpse. Totally open to tweaking it to fit your style and readers' preferences. Thanks for considering this! Keen to see if we can make it a great add to {{Target Blog Name}}. Best, {{Your Name}} {{Signature}}


Subject: Hot Topic: {{Your Article Title}} for {{Target Blog Name}} Hi {{Editor Name}}, Noticed {{Keyword}} is trending lately? I've got a piece that could fit right in with this buzz. It's called "{{Your Article Title}}," diving deep into {{Article Content Summary}} - right on trend with {{Keyword}}. I’ve sketched a quick outline to lay out the main points. I’m confident it’ll spice up the content on {{Target Blog Name}} and get people talking. Eager to hear what you think! Cheers, {{Your Name}} {{Signature}}

Portfolio Pitch

Subject: Fresh {{Keyword}} Insights Hi {{Editor Name}}, I'm pitching an idea for a guest post on {{Target Blog Name}} – a piece titled "{{Your Article Title}}" that dives into {{Article Content Summary}}. It's a topic I’ve really researched and have some nuanced insights to share. I'm {{Your Name}}, a bit of a {{Keyword}} nerd. You can check out my past work at {{Your Website}} and my contributions to {{Previous Publications}} to get a feel for what I do. I've attached a brief outline of the article for a sneak peek. Looking forward to possibly joining forces with {{Target Blog Name}}! All the best, {{Your Name}} {{Signature}}


Subject: Continuing Our Discussion Hi {{Editor Name}}, I've been reflecting on our recent chat and thought, why not take it further with a guest post for {{Target Blog Name}}? I'm proposing an article titled "{{Your Article Title}}" that ties right back into our talk on {{Topic of Previous Interaction}}. As someone who’s deep into {{Keyword}}, I’ve got some unique takes on {{Article Content Summary}} that I think your readers would find super engaging, especially following up on our previous topic. Eager for your thoughts and thanks again for the great conversation. Let’s keep this going! Best, {{Your Name}} {{Signature}}


Subject: Fresh Data Hey {{Editor Name}}, Got something special for {{Target Blog Name}}: an article titled "{{Your Article Title}}." It's not just another opinion piece – it's loaded with the latest data and research in {{Keyword}}, offering a whole new angle on {{Article Content Summary}}. I've included a sneak peek of the key findings and how they’ll resonate with your readers. It's all about bringing solid, data-backed stories to the table. I'm stoked about the potential of this piece to shake things up on {{Target Blog Name}}. Let’s chat about how we can make this fit just right for your audience. Thanks a bunch for considering this. I’m all ears for any ideas or tweaks you've got in mind. Cheers, {{Your Name}} {{Signature}}

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Template Information

Getting a response is the key objective of a guest post pitch. Whether it's a positive or negative response - any outcome is better than being ignored. Use our guest post templates above for ideas, but the more you stand out from others in the inbox, the higher the chance of your positive success.

The Structure of a Guest Posting Email


  • Strategy: Craft a subject line that stands out by avoiding overused terms like "guest post". Instead, focus on creating intrigue or highlighting the unique aspect of your content.
  • Example: If you're submitting an article on innovative marketing strategies, a subject like "Fresh Perspectives on Marketing Trends" might be more effective than a generic "Guest Post Submission".


  • Strategy: Use the recipient's name to personalize the email. This small effort can significantly increase the chances of your email being opened.
  • Example: "Dear [Recipient's Name]," instead of a generic "Hello" or "Dear Editor," shows you've taken the time to research who you're addressing.


  • Strategy: Your opening lines should captivate the reader's interest and demonstrate a genuine connection. Avoid generic introductions and focus on how you found their blog and why it resonated with you.
  • Example: Mention a specific article that inspired you or how your content aligns with a recent trend they covered.

What You Want

  • Strategy: Now, clearly state your intention to submit a guest post. Be concise and specific about your proposed topic or article.
  • Example: "I would like to contribute an article titled '[Article Title]' that explores [specific angle or topic]."

Why It's Worth It to Them

  • Strategy: Showcase your credibility and the potential value of your content. This could include your expertise, success of past content, or alignment with their audience's interests.
  • Example: Provide links to your previous successful posts or mention any notable engagement metrics to substantiate your claim.

What You’re Offering in Return

  • Strategy: Offer incentives like link exchanges, promotion of their content, or unique offerings like a free product or service. Avoid suggesting monetary compensation.
  • Example: "In exchange, I’d be happy to feature your blog in my [platform/service] or offer my [product/service] to you for free."

Closing and Next Steps

Follow-Up Email Template

1. Brief Reminder

  • Quickly reference your original email to refresh their memory.
  • Example: "Just checking in on my previous email about '[Original Pitch Title]' sent on [date]."

2. Add Value

  • Offer something new, like an outline or a recent relevant update, to add more weight to your pitch.
  • Example: "I’ve outlined some key points for the article, which aligns with the latest trends in [relevant field]."
  • Example: "Given the recent [industry news/trend], I believe this topic is even more timely and would resonate well with your audience."
  • Example: "I am open to tailoring the content better to fit your blog's style and audience preferences."

3. Soft Nudge for Response

  • A gentle push for feedback, keeping it light and professional.
  • Example: "Would love to hear your thoughts on this or if there’s anything else you need from me."

This approach keeps your follow-up focused and respectful of the recipient’s time while reinforcing the value of your proposed guest post.

Ajay Paghdal
Outreach Labs Founder
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Last updated on
Nov 06, 2023

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Ajay Pagdal
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Ajay enjoys tinkering with new link building strategies, building teams and processes around it and in general, has enjoyed being a part of the industry for the past decade.

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