63 Links in 4 Months >> 790% Traffic Increase

In only 4 months, we landed 63 backlinks from heavy hitters like BigCommerce, Rentable, and SkillsYouNeed from our blogger outreach campaign ⬇️

A DR 7 Australian tax accountant firm hired us to boost their rankings with authority links.

Our Methodology

These are the steps we took:

➡️Built a list of 1000 keywords related to their industry with Ahrefs keyword explorer and scraped Google for the top 50 results of each term

➡️Used bulk actions to cleanse the list, including minimum DR, minimum traffic, healthy LD/RD ratio, and then qualified one-by-one to remove farms, direct competitors, news outlets, non-blogs, or lower quality sites.

➡️Emailed 2,184 SaaS, agencies and websites that have mentioned taxes, finance, or accounting

Outreach Strategy and Results

➡️ Each email contains a personalized icebreaker for what we liked about their article, a no-strings-attached value offer such as featuring their content in an upcoming post we're writing, followed by our ask: either a link insert or guest post.

➡️ Our response rate to the cold outreach was 4%.

➡️Across 34 of their pages, we built 63 links with an average DR of 58 and Traffic 60,000.

➡️This boosted their DR from 7 to 35 and their traffic from 1,145 to 10,200 (790.83% gain!)

Key Insights and Recommendations

If you want to leverage blogger outreach to grow your traffic, start with a wide range of relevant websites and have a system in place to send personalized emails consistently.

Besides money, having something of value to offer in your cold pitches is critical for getting higher-end links and doing cost-effective outreach.

Since we do a lot of outreach, our go-to offer is including their content in future guest posts we do, but you can get creative with this piece.

Overall, this strategy is more than just outreach; it's about establishing efficient processes for prospecting, connecting, and offering value.

I hope you keep this in mind as you work towards building your systems and strengthening your own link building outreach.

Ajay Paghdal
Outreach Labs Founder
🕒 2 mins read
Last updated on
Feb 13, 2024

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Article by
Ajay Paghdal
Outreach Labs Founder
Ajay enjoys tinkering with new link building strategies, building teams and processes around it and in general, has enjoyed being a part of the industry for the past decade.

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