The Top Tools You Should Use for Your Link Building Outreach

Since link building entered the SEO scene to rank a webpage, it has become indispensable. No other practice holds value quite like link-building does because it has proved to be the most efficient source of organic traffic. 

A study by Ahrefs shows that 90.63% of websites get absolutely no traffic from Google searches! 

The sole reason for this is that they don't have any backlinks. 

And to construct an infallible link profile, a proficient digital marketer needs a set of handy tools for link-building outreach because even experts need a bit of help.  

But link-building is different from the one-person job it used to be in the past. Marketers took many liberties and were involved in some pretty shady businesses when it came to acquiring backlinks. But the almighty, omniscient Google algorithm doesn't let such cheap tricks fly by anymore.  

These link-building malpractices or black hat practices from the past you MUST AVOID:

  • Paying for backlinks
  • Creating content just to get links
  • Linking to high authority websites which are irrelevant to your niche
  • Link-spamming comments
  • Excessive interlinking

Any ethical and savvy digital marketer would know that these are things in the past. 

Coming back to the previous point, proper assistance would do your link-building wonders. There are many great tools available that can help you. If done manually, keeping the authenticity intact can be pretty daunting. 

There are some services you could outsource this task to. But if you want total control in building your backlink profile and making your domain rank, I say it is absolutely possible. 

Benefits of using tools for link building outreach include: 

  • Automating link building activities, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your SEO strategy.
  • Identifying link building opportunities, allowing you to get ahead of the competition. 
  • Identifying link prospects quickly and easily so that you can reach out to them in an efficient manner. 
  • Tracking link progress and performance, allowing you to measure the success of your link building efforts.

Now imagine, with all these advantages giving you a lift-off, why would you not use the help of link-building outreach tools? 

That's not even a question. Of course, you would. 

My main objective is to assist fellow SEO and link-building experts. In this article, I've outlined some of the activities which are intrinsically involved while link-building. 

Along with those activities, I have mentioned some of the most amazing tools which take care of the corresponding activity, so you can focus and build more long-term goals for your brand. 

Here's an overview of this article in stock for you. So let's dive right into it, shall we?

Respona - Your Automated Assistant for Personalized Outreach

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Respona stands out as an innovative tool designed to make your link-building outreach more personal and less time-consuming. Imagine having the power to combine the search for outreach opportunities with personalized email crafting and campaign management—all under one roof.

Unlike simply managing contacts and sending out emails, Respona takes it a step further. It integrates AI-driven search capabilities that assist in finding relevant articles and bloggers, providing you with ample opportunities to get your foot in the door.

The true strength of Respona lies in its personalized approach. While servicing your outreach needs, the platform offers a template engine that intelligently incorporates key details about your prospects. It also includes customizable AI variables.

This means you can insert recent achievements, their latest blog post, or even social media tidbits into your emails with ease, allowing for a genuine connection from the first touchpoint.

Respona's dashboard keeps things organized, giving you a clear view of your campaign's progress. You can track who’s been contacted, manage follow-ups, and monitor your campaign's success rate.

And when it's time to reach out, Respona doesn’t leave you hanging with just a generic message. 

You’ll have tools to automate personalization, setting up sequences that feel individualized despite being part of a larger campaign. Plus, you can schedule these tailored follow-ups to ensure timely engagement without the manual hassle.

Features of Respona

  • AI-driven search engine for pinpointing outreach opportunities.
  • Automated personalization for crafting targeted, genuine emails. 
  • Email sequence management for consistent follow-ups. 
  • Campaign performance tracking for a clear view of results. 
  • Integration with your email provider for seamless communication. 

Pricing Options

Respona offers three pricing options:

  • Starter ($79/mo) with only 1 sender email and 60,000 yearly credits
  • Pro ($379/mo) with 5 sender emails, 300,000 yearly credits and access to advanced features like recurring campaigns and AI personalization
  • Custom with unlimited sender emails, 600,000 yearly credits, access to all advanced features and priority support.

BuzzStream for Automated Relationship Management 🤝

The primary purpose of using any tool is to reduce the time and effort spent by any marketer on any activity which can be automated. The same goes for backlink-building outreach efforts. So I will come to the communication part. 

Relationship management is nothing but that. Automated Relationship Management (ARM) refers to using technology to automate and streamline the process of managing relationships with customers, clients, and other stakeholders.

Some examples of ARM tools include customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing automation software, and chatbots. These tools can be used to automate tasks such as email campaigns, lead generation, and customer support.

Why Automated Relationship Management

Automated Relationship Management (ARM) can be integrated into the link-building outreach process by automating tasks, providing insights into potential partners, and making it easier to manage and analyze the effectiveness of outreach efforts.

These tools can automate sending personalized email campaigns, automated follow-up emails, tracking open, click-through rates, and managing responses.

Automated Relationship Management tools can also generate leads for potential link-building partners. 

Other significant benefits of an ideal automated relationship management tool are Contact Management, Customizable Templates, personalized messaging, Automated Follow-ups, and generating reports and analytics. 

Fully automating a series of communication is undoubtedly jolting to think of. But handling a massive amount of back and forth is not a task that can be taken care of entirely manually. 

And since link building outreach tools make the automation of all your communication streamlined and customizable simultaneously, why not give it a shot?

BuzzStream - To streamline your link-building outreach

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BuzzStream is designed perfectly, with each feature reducing your work when you are toiling to build your outreach campaigns. You can forget those spreadsheets to keep a list of your prospects and contacts, and Gmail runs for every communication string. 

This capable piece of tech will help you deal with all of that from one place! 

Whether you are looking for prospects for content promotion or link-building opportunities, all the solutions can be right in your palms. Instead of going to Google and searching for people with keywords and then manually searching for their contact info, use BuzzStream. 

If you go to the “Discovery” feature and enter the relevant keywords, for example, ‘fitness bloggers’, you get a comprehensive list of them. Sort them based on their DA scores and save them into projects. 

But now I come to the email outreach part.

You can create email outreach templates and add them to your messages, so there is no need to copy-paste. You can also use custom fields for specific details in the emails you send, and BuzzStream fills them up automatically. When you outreach a specific person, the tool will gather a ton of information about them and which you can use to personalize your message to them, like what was their latest tweet about. 

BuzzStream has one of the most fantastic follow-up email features. The “Sequences” feature lets you program unlimited follow-ups, and you can apply this to any outreach emails you send. 

And if you would like to avoid the concept of totally automated follow-ups, they have a solution. You can set up reminders for the number and frequency of follow-ups you need to take and compose them manually when the time comes. 

All of this comes at a very reasonable price.

Features of BuzzStream

Here are some of the features that make BuzzStream an automated relationship management as well as a link building outreach aficionado:

  • Efficient in scouring and coming up with prospective collaborators.
  • Creating comprehensive lists of collaborators.
  • Creating customized email outreach templates.     
  • Setting up of automated follow-up sequence emails for efficient outreach
  • Cross-checking of the contact list as not outreach the same person twice.
  • Domain Authority score available when prospect research is being done. 
  • Monitoring the open rates, response rates and which templates perform best.
  • Scheduling reminders for sending follow-ups manually.
  • The tool has strong reporting features which help you monitor which campaign or a particular template is performing the best. 

Pricing Options

BuzzStream has 4 different pricing plans in place right now. 

  • The most basic one, the “Starter” plan costs just $24 for a single user. It costs the same amount if you want to add another user to the same plan. This plan gives you access to only 1000 contacts. 
  • The second and most popular plan of them all is the “Growth” plan for $124 per month for 3 users and gives access to 25,000 contacts. 
  • The next higher plan called Professional comes at $299 per month for 6 users. This gives you access to 100,000 contacts. 
  • The most premium plan is a customizable one and starts from $999 per month. 

Pitchbox for Automated Outreach Campaigns 📨

So far, we have talked about lead generation and automated relationship management. Now let's get down to business and discuss one of the most critical aspects of link-building, i.e., outreach campaigns.

Automated outreach campaigns are a type of marketing strategy that uses software to automate the process of reaching out to potential customers or clients. This can include sending emails, making phone calls, or sending messages through social media. And for backlink building, emails are the key component, as you can guess.

An automated outreach campaign aims to increase efficiency and scalability while also personalizing the messaging to each recipient. Some common use cases for automated outreach include lead generation, event promotion, and customer retention.

And since automation is the trend we are going with, the best approach for outreach campaigns is to take the help of a link-building outreach tool.

Why Automated Outreach Campaigns

With so many businesses using digital marketing, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out and reach potential customers or clients. Automating your outreach campaigns can help you reach more people more efficiently, giving you an edge over your competition.

Consumers expect a high level of personalization from businesses, and manual outreach can take time and effort to scale. Automating your outreach campaigns allows you to personalize your messaging to each recipient more efficiently.

Automating your outreach campaigns can save time and money compared to manual outreach, which is time-consuming and expensive. And the need to adapt to the digital age is real. As more and more businesses go digital, automating your outreach campaigns can help you stay competitive in the digital age.

You don't want to be left behind now, do you?

And now, I will familiarize you with an excellent tool for conducting automated outreach campaigns equipped to take care of many more link building activities.

Pitchbox- A pitch perfect tool tool for Automated Outreach Campaigns

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We discussed automated outreach in the previous section. So what is the point of introducing a different tool for outreach campaigns yet again? Let us give a bit more detail and enlighten you all. 

Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and link-building tool that does much more than automated emails. It is an automated outreach campaign tool that helps businesses and marketers reach out to potential customers or clients more efficiently.

This tool's email automation feature is pretty awesome, but the way it integrates so many details into one dashboard is a work of art. If you have Pitchbox, you will not have to leave the tool for anything else. 

Different types of campaigns are categorized for a number of your needs to help their algorithm give you better opportunities. These categories are:

You can easily search for bloggers and influencers according to your objectives or promote your blog on specific sources for apt exposure. You can contact websites to get a link added to one of their resource pages. 

I have got to elaborate on a very unique but very canny feature of Pitchbox, which has been responsible for many people switching from manual to automated tools. 

You can start an outreach email campaign and send hundreds of emails in just one click. But usually, doing so can lead to Gmail flagging your activities and making your emails land straight into the spam folder. But Pitchbox has a perfect workaround for this problem. 

When you click on "Launch," The tool sends your emails with a few time gaps of a couple of minutes, making them appear manual to the system. Hence the arrows reach their correct targets.

Features of Pitchbox

Here is a brief overview of the prime capabilities of the tool, making it a perfect fit for your outreach campaigns:

  • Allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as sending follow-up emails, scheduling messages, and tracking responses.
  • Enables you to personalize your messaging to each individual recipient based on specific criteria such as demographics, behavior, and interests.
  • Pitchbox's lead generation features help you identify and reach out to potential customers or clients more efficiently.
  • Centralized dashboard to manage and track the progress of your outreach campaigns.
  • Detailed analytics and tracking features to help measure the success of a campaign and make data-driven decisions.
  • Integrations with a variety of other tools such as Salesforce, Marketo, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which allows you to manage all your outreach campaigns from one place.


Pitchbox is more expensive than other tools with similar capabilities. It has not revealed its pricing for the public, but I have an estimate from a marketing agency using the tool. The Agency package costs $395 per month. 

Another thing to look out for is that this tool will charge you annually, meaning you will have to pay for a whole year if you subscribe to it. However, it does give an excellent trial period experience, customized to each user and a designated trainer, so you can get the whole experience of what Pitchbox can do for your business.

Hunter for Lead Generation and Email Verification 💌

Lead generation and email verification have been discussed in the previous section of this article when I talked about sales prospecting, but we are trying to identify each domain of link building and put it in laser focus, that is why we are going to dive into it again here. 

Lead generation is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business. In terms of backlink building, lead generation can play a role in identifying potential website owners or bloggers who may be interested in linking to a business's website. 

And since email is the approach digital marketers take to contact their prospects, they must do an authentic email verification first.

However, it's also worth noting that even with verified email addresses, outreach campaigns can only be effective if the message and approach is tailored and personalized to the individual or organization you are trying to reach.

Why Lead Generation and Email Verification is Essential?

By identifying these potential link partners and building relationships with them, a business can increase the number of high-quality backlinks pointing to their website, which can help to improve their search engine rankings.

Email verification can be essential in outreach campaigns for link building, as it ensures that the email addresses you are using for outreach are accurate and active. 

Additionally, sending outreach emails to invalid or non-existent addresses can negatively impact the reputation of your domain and IP address's reputation, which can affect your emails' deliverability in the long run.

Now let us introduce a tool that is a specialist in these activities. 

Hunter: So your first step in outreach is a sure one

Hunter is a lead generation and email verification tool that can help businesses find and verify email addresses for potential customers or link partners. Hunter allows users to search for email addresses associated with a specific domain and also provides a feature for verifying the accuracy of email addresses.

Hunter's lead generation feature allows users to find email addresses for specific individuals or departments within a company, making it easier to target the right person for outreach. 

Hunter also provides the ability to find phone numbers and social media profiles, which can help to build a more comprehensive picture of a lead. 

Hunter is a valuable tool for businesses looking to conduct effective and targeted outreach campaigns.

Features of Hunter

Some of the key features of Hunter include:

  • Allows users to find email addresses associated with a specific domain, or search for a specific individual's email address.
  • Verifies the accuracy of email addresses found, ensuring that they are active and deliverable.
  • Tracks the status of sent emails and provides insights on open and click rates.
  • Allows users to verify multiple email addresses at once.
  • Provides additional information on leads such as job title, location, and social media profiles.
  • Allows users to find phone numbers associated with a specific domain or individual.
  • Integrates with popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Hubspot.
  • Helps with scheduling, sending, and tracking the progress of your campaigns.
  • Available as chrome extension to find email addresses and phone numbers directly on websites.

Pricing of Hunter

Hunter in total has 6 plans. The highest one is the “Enterprise” plan which is customizable. Here is the details of the first 5 plans for your closer inspection:

  • Free Plan: Offers a limited number of free searches per month, and can be used to find email addresses and verify email addresses one by one.
  • Starter Plan: This plan starts from $49/month, and allows users to perform 50 searches per month. 
  • Growth Plan: This plan starts from $99/month, and allows users to perform 200 searches per month. 
  • Pro Plan: This plan starts from $199/month and allows users to perform 1000 searches per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for larger businesses and is customized based on the specific needs of the business.

It's worth noting that Hunter also offers a 14-day free trial for all plans, which allows users to test the tool before committing to a paid plan.

Mailshake for Cold Email Outreach Management 🥶

A cold email is an unsolicited email sent to a recipient who has had no prior contact or relationship with the sender. And people in marketing of any kind are quite familiar with it. 

Cold emails are often used for sales or business development purposes, but can also be used for networking, especially by backlink builders. They are called "cold" because the recipient has not expressed any interest in the product, service, or information being offered.

Management of these cold emails is the process of planning, executing, and tracking the performance of cold email campaigns. This includes tasks such as researching and identifying potential contacts, creating email templates and personalizing them for specific recipients, scheduling and sending emails, and tracking the response rate and other metrics to measure the success of the campaign. 

Why Cold Email Outreach Management

Cold email outreach management requires attention to detail, effective communication, and data analysis skills. It can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your business, making it a flexible option. 

Cold emailing is a relatively inexpensive way to reach many potential customers or clients compared to other forms of marketing or sales outreach. This allows you to target interested individuals or companies, increasing the chances of success.

It's important to note that cold emailing has a low response rate and can be considered spam if not done properly. It's essential to comply with the perceived regulations of email marketing and to use techniques such as personalization, segmentation, and providing value to increase the chances of success.

Here is a perfect tool for all your cold email outreach management. 

Mailshake: To turn your cold emails into hot leads 


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Mailshake is a cold email outreach management tool that helps businesses plan, execute, and track the performance of cold email campaigns. 

It allows you to create and schedule email campaigns to reach out to multiple contacts at once. It is a dedicated outreach tool for email outreach management. So it has a specific target, unlike the tools I told you about earlier. 

And it is very good at what it does!

MailShake, formerly called Connector, has a very non-flowery and intuitive user interface. And people really like it. It doesn't support Google sheets, but that is a minor inconvenience because all you have to do is save your prospects' information into a sheet and convert it into a CSV file which Mailshake accepts. Upload it and then compose your emails. 

You will readily get a custom field for multiple things like names, emails, and so on, giving you the customizations you need. 

A very convenient capability in Mailshake lets you see your outreach email of how it exactly looks to the recipient. This will save you from whole campaigns with embarrassing typos. 

You can track opens and link-clicks in real time once the data comes in.

Features of Mailshake

Here are Mailshake’s features at-a-glance:

  • Mailshake offers a variety of customizable email templates, which can be easily personalized for specific recipients.
  • Allows you to create and schedule email campaigns, so you can reach out to multiple contacts at once.
  • The tool can automatically send follow-up emails based on recipient's actions, such as opening or clicking on a link, increasing your chances of getting a response.
  • It provides detailed tracking and reporting, so you can see how your campaigns are performing and make adjustments as needed.
  • Mailshake allows you to personalize your emails with merge tags, which can help increase the chances of recipient engagement.


Mailshake is a pretty affordable tool for smaller agencies and larger teams as well. It is very upfront with the fact that it does not have any free trial period. But if you are not satisfied within 30 days, it will provide a full refund for both available plans. 

  • The “Email Outreach” plan comes at $58 per month. 
  • The bigger plan is called $83 per month with a lot of additional benefits. 

NinjaCat for Competitor Analysis and Insights Gathering 🔬

Competitor analysis can be very important for successful link-building outreach because it allows you to identify potential link opportunities and understand your competitors' strategies to acquire links

Additionally, by understanding your competitors link-building strategies, you can identify areas where you can differentiate your efforts and acquire more high-quality links. 

Overall, competitor analysis can help you to create a more effective link-building strategy by giving you a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges in your industry.

Why is Competitor Analysis and Insights Gathering Important?

There are several benefits of insight gathering for competitor analysis. By analyzing your competitors' backlinks, you can identify websites and publications that are likely to link to the content in your industry and reach out to those sites with your link-building requests.

To understand industry trends, you must keep up with competitors' content and marketing strategies. The things currently resonating with your target audience will point you toward the information your content and marketing efforts need.

By understanding your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, you can identify areas where you can gain a competitive advantage. 

Also, by gathering data on your competitors, you can create a benchmark of their performance, which will help you to measure your performance and track your progress over time.

Partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations show up as you dig into these things as well. Here is a tool to help you with your competitive analysis and insight gathering while building backlinks.

NinjaCat: To Spy on Your Competitors 

When it comes to managing and finding data, NinjaCat is pretty good at it all. It has a total market share of 0.02% in the Search Engine Management industry. Its analytics and reporting capabilities make it one of the most in-demand tools for that specific purpose. 

The tool is highly user-friendly, making it a cakewalk for even users with lesser technical knowledge to use. At the same time, it maintains interconnections with more than 150 sources to collect data online to congregate information and give them to its users in comprehensive forms. These sources include Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Bigquery, Snapchat, Reddit, and many more. 

NinjaCat is the perfect tool for competitive data analysis as it provides comprehensive and actionable insights into the competitive landscape. 

With its powerful analytics suite, NinjaCat allows you to uncover data trends and gain a deeper understanding of your competitors' strategies and tactics. 

NinjaCat's proprietary algorithms enable users to identify market movement patterns and capture real-time changes in competitor activity. 

It can track a company's website traffic, search engine rankings, social media engagement, and more. Additionally, Ninjacat can also help to find the competitors' keywords and backlinks which can help to understand the SEO strategy of competitors.

Features of NinjaCat

Here some more features of NinjaCat:

  • Tracks website traffic, bounce rates, and other metrics to gain insight into a company's online performance.
  • Monitors search engine rankings and visibility, as well as the keywords that drive traffic.
  • Analyzes social media engagement and reach across various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Tracks the performance of paid advertising campaigns.
  • Monitors a company's presence on local listings and directories, such as Google My Business and Yelp.
  •  Tracks online reviews and mentions to stay on top of a company's reputation.
  • Easily visualizes the data captured through intuitive dashboards and reports.
  • Automatically generates and schedules reports to be delivered to stakeholders.
  • Allows multiple team members to access the account and collaborate on analysis.
  • Integrates with other tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.


The tool does not have any fixed pricing as customizing and white-labeling are prevalent among its clients. 

Ahrefs Link Building Toolset to Discover Opportunities, Monitor Progress and Generate Reports ⭐️

There are many activities, as I have discussed till now, which occur before and after the actual outreach for link building. The primary marker which starts off your efforts would be discovering opportunities, and there are several ways of doing just that. 

We have talked tons about lead prospecting earlier, which also might be counted as finding opportunities but here I'd like to mention a few more. Below are some of the other ways you can focus on for potential links:

  • Identify relevant keywords and phrases that you can target in your content.
  • Use a backlink analysis tool to identify websites that are linking to your competitors.
  • Use content analysis tools to identify popular topics in your industry and create content that will attract links.
  • Use a broken link checker tool to identify broken links on other websites, reach out to the webmaster and offer your content as a replacement.
  • Use a website audit tool to identify technical issues on your website that may be preventing it from attracting links, such as broken links or crawl errors.
  • Use a broken link checker tool to identify broken links on your own website, fix them, and ask the linking website to update the link.
  • Use the content explorer tool to find unlinked mentions or resource pages for outreach opportunities.

Now once you have started with your outreach activities and campaigns, it is imperative that you monitor your progress. You can use a link-building tool that helps you to track your progress, such as Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, and others. 

Keep track of the links you acquire due to your outreach efforts. Besides that, you can monitor your website's backlink profile and search engine rankings and keep track of referral traffic.

Why Should You Discover Opportunities, Monitor Progress and Generate Reports

It would help if you kept an eye out over all the activities you are conducting for backlink building as you can see which strategies are working and which are not, and make adjustments as needed.

Measuring the progress of your link-building efforts by measuring the ROI can determine the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven decisions. And, as showing proof of your progress, whether for your team members or clients, is crucial, generating reports of the results is a vital activity you just can’t ignore. 

Now, if you think about what tool can help you with all these activities, I have already answered your question. 

Let me elaborate.

Ahrefs: The All-rounder

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This one is a go-to for every digital marketer for any SEO activity. Ahrefs is a comprehensive toolset for SEO and link building, and it includes several tools and features. 

A tool like Ahrefs has so many diverse features that a whole other article is needed to go in-depth about it. It is not just one tool but a collection of capabilities like link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, and site audits. 

You can find content on it that has been performing well for the number of links it has or the social shares it has gotten. You can also do extensive keyword research, finding the volume and level of difficulty to rank it. 

It can give you a detailed record of your backlink profile to analyze and build further with relevant data to back you up. 

But one thing is for sure, it will take you much time to master Ahrefs due to the very repository of extensive features that it has. It's not achievable but certainly requires much getting used to. 

Another nifty feature it has that deems a mention is that it shows you the domains linked to your competitors but not to you. So that gives you a point to start from.

Features of Ahrefs

Here's a brief overview of the features of Ahrefs:

  • Analyzes the backlinks, organic search traffic, and keyword rankings of any website, including your own and your competitors.
  • Helps discover popular content in your industry and identify opportunities for creating viral content that can attract links.
  • Allows you to research keywords and phrases, and identify opportunities for targeting relevant keywords in your content.
  • Identifies broken links on other websites, which can help you identify potential link building opportunities.
  • Monitors your backlink profile and tracks the progress of your link building efforts.
  • Finds contact details of website owners and influencers in your industry, making it easier to build relationships and request links.
  • Analyzes your website for technical SEO issues and identifies potential problems that may be preventing it from attracting links.
  • Tracks your website's search engine rankings for specific keywords.
  • Alerts: Allows you to set up alerts for specific keywords, brand mentions, backlinks, or competitors.
  • Reports: Allows you to generate reports on your link building efforts, which can help you demonstrate the value of your link building efforts to stakeholders.


Ahrefs offers several pricing options for its toolset, including:

  • Lite: This is the basic plan, starting at $99 per month.
  • Standard: The pricing for this plan starts at $199 per month.
  • Advanced: This plan includes all the features of the Standard plan, plus access to the Site Audit and Rank Tracker. It starts at $399 per month.
  • Enterprise: This plan includes all the features of the plan, plus access to the Outreach and Reports. It starts at $999 per month.
  • Custom: For large scale enterprise solutions, Ahrefs also offers custom plans tailored to the specific needs and budget of the client.

BuzzSumo for Content Analysis and Influencer Outreach ✏️

Content is king, and that couldn't be more true. The relationship between the number of backlinks, the quality of content, and the organic traffic on that page are directly proportional. 

So if you are trying to build your link profile, content analysis is inevitable. 

Content analysis is a process used in link building to evaluate the quality and relevance of a website's content about a specific topic or keyword. This analysis can help identify potential link-building opportunities by identifying websites with high-quality, relevant content that may be willing to link to a client's website.

Additionally, content analysis can also be used to identify websites that may be linking to a client's competitors so that the client can reach out to those websites to request a link as well.

Influencer outreach can be an important aspect of link building because it allows you to build relationships with people with a large following and influence in your industry or niche. These influencers can help to promote your content and link to your website, which can help to increase your website's visibility and search engine rankings.

However, it's important to note that influencer outreach should be part of a comprehensive link building strategy, not the only one. It would be best if you also tried to get links from different types of websites and sources, such as directories, resource pages, and relevant communities.

Now let me introduce you to a tool perfect for content analysis and influencer outreach.

BuzzSumo: For Reaching the Right Opportunities

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BuzzSumo is a tool that allows users to analyze the performance of the content on various social media platforms. It can track the number of shares, likes, and comments on a specific piece of content and show who has shared it and the overall engagement level. 

It can also be used to research top-performing content in a particular industry or niche. Overall, it is considered a valuable tool for content analysis and tracking content performance. 

And BuzzSumo also has some fantastic influencer outreach capabilities.

It allows users to identify and research influencers within a specific industry or niche. Users can search for influencers based on the number of followers, engagement rate, and location. The tool provides information about an influencer's content, audience demographics, and contact information, which can help reach out to them and build relationships.

It also has a feature that allows one to create a list of influencers and track their activity, which can help identify potential collaborations and partnerships.

Features of BuzzSumo

  • Tracks the performance metrics including the number of shares, likes, and comments on social media platforms.
  • Provides a list of the most popular and engaging content within a specific industry or niche.
  • Tracks the performance of specific keywords and phrases, including the number of shares and the top-performing content.
  • Allows users to find and research influencers within a specific industry or niche, including information about their content, audience demographics, and contact information.
  • Monitors mentions of a specific brand or company across the web and social media platforms.
  • Alerts for specific keywords, phrases, or domains, so you can be notified when new content is published.
  • Provides a feature that allows creating a list of influencers, tracking their activity and allows to manage the campaign and the outreach process.
  • Buzzsumo is integrated with various other tools, like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics, etc. which helps in providing an in-depth analysis of the performance of the content.


Here are the pricing plans currently available:

  • Free: This is the first plan the tool provides with limited features. 
  • Pro plan, which includes features such as content research, keyword tracking, and alerts. The price starts at $99/month.
  • Plus: This plan starts at $179/month.
  • Large: This plan starts at $299/month.
  • Enterprise: This plan is tailored to large organizations and the price is available upon request.

Mailtrack for Email Tracking 📈

Email tracking for link-building outreach is a technique used to monitor the effectiveness of an email campaign for acquiring backlinks to a website. It involves using software that tracks when an email is opened and clicked, allowing the sender to see which recipients are most engaged with their message. 

This information can be used to optimize the campaign and target the most responsive prospects. It can also track the click-through rate on the link you want to track if it's placed in the email. 

This can give insights into how well the link works and if it's worth continuing to pursue.

Why Email Tracking

The benefits of email tracking include increased efficiency, improved targeting, greater visibility, better follow-up, improved link-building metrics, and a better understanding of engagement. 

Now, let's come to a tool that does all of this perfectly!

Mailtrack: For Keeping Better Track of your Outreach Efforts

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Mailtrack is a popular email tracking tool that can be used for outreach campaigns. It is a browser extension that works with Gmail and G Suite and allows you to track when your emails are opened and clicked. 

From the reviews, Mailtrack is considered a reliable and user-friendly tool for tracking email campaigns, but it may be better suited for small to medium-sized businesses. It may have fewer features than some of the more advanced tracking tools, but it is a good starting point.

Features of Mailtrack

Some of the features that Mailtrack offers include:

  • Mailtrack provides real-time notifications when your emails are opened and clicked, so you can follow up with prospects immediately.
  • Tracks clicks on links within your emails, which can help you understand how well your outreach is working.
  • Provides detailed analytics on the performance of your email campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • Scheduled follow-up emails based on when your emails have been opened or clicked, which can help you stay top of mind with your prospects.
  • Customizes the notifications you receive when your emails are opened or clicked, so you can focus on the most important data.
  • Mailtrack has a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for you to track your email outreach campaigns.


Mailtrack offers 3 pricing plans for its email tracking service. 

  • The free plan allows you to track up to 100 emails per month, with real-time notifications when your emails are opened and clicked, link tracking, and basic analytics.
  • The Pro plan starts at $1.99 per month with the ability to track up to 1,000 emails per month. 
  • The Advanced plan starts at $4.99 per month. It includes team collaboration features, custom domains, and priority support.

SERanking to Monitor Keywords & Rankings 👀

Keyword and ranking monitoring in link building refers to the practice of tracking the performance of specific keywords and the website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) concerning those keywords. 

This information can be used to identify which keywords are driving traffic to a website and where the website ranks in search engine results for those keywords. This information can then be used to adjust and optimize the website and link-building efforts to improve search engine visibility and drive more traffic to the website.

Why Monitor Keywords & Rankings

Keyword and ranking monitoring are essential for link-building because it allows you to track the effectiveness of your link-building efforts and make informed decisions about optimizing your website and link-building strategy. 

SERanking: For Monitoring the Essentials

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SERanking is a software used for keyword and ranking monitoring as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. It allows users to track their website's performance on search engines for specific keywords.

 It can also track your competitors' ranking and compare it to yours, giving you an idea of how you are performing in relation to them. 

With SERanking, you can see which keywords drive the most traffic to your website and which keywords you need to focus on to improve your search engine visibility. 

SERanking also allows you to set up alerts for changes in your website's rankings, so you can quickly respond to changes in your search engine visibility. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor your competitors and their ranking, which can be used to inform your own SEO strategy and tactics.

Features of SERanking

Here are some key features of SERanking:

  • It allows users to track their website's ranking for specific keywords on search engines.
  • Monitors competitors' search engine performance and compare it to their own.
  • Provides detailed reports on website performance, including information on backlinks, organic search traffic, and other metrics.
  • Allows users to set up alerts for changes in website rankings, so they can quickly respond to any changes in their search engine visibility.
  • Analyzes the on-page optimization of the website and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • Provides data on the number and quality of backlinks, helping you to identify which backlinks have the greatest impact on your rankings.
  • Tracks the performance of users’ websites on mobile devices and provides suggestions for improvement.
  • Helps to optimize users’ websites for local search, including tracking website's performance in local search results.
  • Allows users to track the performance of their website on social media platforms and identify which platforms are driving the most traffic
  • Track and monitors your website in multiple languages, providing support for over 150 languages.


SERanking has 4 plans in all. 

  • Essential plan is $31.20 per month. You can track 250 keywords with this plan. 
  • Pro plan coms at $71.20 per month, with unlimited projects and 1000 keywords allowed. 
  • Business plan comes at $151.20 per month. You can track 2500 keywords with this plan.
  • The biggest plan, Agency, is a customizable plan. 

Copy.ai to Write Outreach Emails 🤖

AI writing tools have taken the content marketing scene by storm. So no way can this list of link-building tools be complete without mentioning them. They have enabled marketers to generate content more quickly and efficiently. 

And in this competitive industry where time equals money, AI tools sound like the need of the hour. 54% of businesses employing AI assistance believe their productivity has increased. 

With the advancement of AI technology, the capabilities of AI writing tools have gone up as well. They may now be able to generate more sophisticated and personalized content with greater accuracy. 

As more marketers have begun to understand the benefits of AI writing tools, the adoption rate has likely increased, leading to more sophisticated and effective campaigns.  

Why Use AI for outreach emails?

AI writing tools can be helpful in link-building outreach by helping to generate personalized and relevant content for outreach emails. This, in turn, increases the chances of getting a response and, ultimately, a link. 

AI writing tools can analyze data on a recipient, such as demographics, browsing history, and search queries, which can help personalize the content of the outreach emails.

They are also great at assisting with SEO optimization by suggesting keywords and phrases that will improve search rankings. Additionally, AI writing tools can assist with language translation and localization, expanding the reach of a brand's marketing efforts.

However, it is essential to note that these tools should be used in conjunction with human oversight and editing, as they may not be able to fully capture the nuances and tone of language that are necessary for effective outreach.


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It is an AI writing tool that can help users to generate written content such as emails, social media posts, and product descriptions. The tool uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology to analyze a user's inputs, such as keywords and prompts and then suggests written content that is relevant and tailored to those inputs.

Copy.ai also allows users to collaborate and share the generated content with others. It's been used in various industries, such as e-commerce, digital marketing, and content creation.

Copy.ai aids in creating compelling content that can be used to attract natural backlinks. By analyzing the keywords and topics related to your industry, Copy.ai can generate high-quality and engaging content that other websites may want to link to.

Features of Copy.ai

Some important features of Copy.ai include:

  • Copy.ai uses advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to analyze user inputs and generate relevant and personalized written content.
  • It allows multiple users to collaborate and share generated content, making it easier to work with a team.
  • The tool generates various types of written content, such as emails, social media posts, and product descriptions.
  • Copy.ai offers customizable templates for different types of content, making it easy to generate content tailored to a specific purpose or industry.
  • The AI is trained on a large dataset of human-written content, which results in the creation of high-quality and engaging content that can be used to attract natural backlinks.
  • It can be integrated with other tools, such as CRM, marketing automation, and content management systems, to streamline the workflow.
  • Copy.ai also allows you to access human writers to proofread and edit the AI-generated content.


The tool includes two defined pricing plans, one of which is free. 

  • The Free plan is for a single user, allowing you to generate 2000 words per month, and gives you access to over 90 copywriting tools. 
  • The Pro plan comes at $49 per month. It can be used by 5 users and will allow you to generate unlimited words in more than 25 languages. 

You can get a free trial of the Pro plan for 7 days.


As we have seen, the right link-building tools can make it easy to conduct a successful link-building outreach campaign. Of course, you must also include other vital components, such as quality content creation and effective outreach strategies, to make your campaigns successful. 

Your time and effort in using and exploring these tools in-depth will surely give you huge returns in your backlink-building ventures. So, don't let yourself fall behind, and get familiar with the best link-building practices today! 

Whether for a professional or personal project, the right set of tools is irreplaceable. Read and share this article with those who want to know the ins and outs of an effective link-building campaign. Be sure that everyone reaps its rewards. Have fun link-building!

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