best blogger outreach services

Best Blogger Outreach Services

Which blogger outreach services should you use for link building?

So. Many. Options.

Is it Outreach Labs? Fat Joe? Stellar? Another link outreach agency that you haven’t heard of?

The wrong choice means wasting 6 months of time and burning thousands of marketing dollars.

The right choice means more rankings, traffic, revenue and growth.

Let me help you decide.

Go through my research of 17 blog outreach agencies.

I reviewed their response speed, process, tactics, pricing and quality.

Next I’ll go over key factors that’ll help you make the right blog outreach service choice.

Finally, I’ll help you make a decision and give you my final verdict on who is the best.

Let’s start!

1. Outreach Labs

image 4

Outreach Labs Review:

Outreach Labs builds relationships that earn links. By doing focused outreach to corporate blogs, industry-known blogs or personal blogs, they've come up with unique processes and link building strategies that consistently deliver high end links at affordable prices.

They have a team of experienced link builders, project managers, and developers who are dedicated to providing the best possible service and experience.

Their main strategies include guest posting, ghost written posts, and link insertions. These strategies are beneficial in helping to increase traffic, build relationships, and improve domain authority.

If their first response is a price sheet, they're simply not interested. This separates them from their competitors and allows them to offer ultra competitive rates. Try out their link building service today!

Outreach Labs Response Speed:

We respond within 24 hours or you can easily schedule a free consult through our dashboard.

Outreach Labs Link Building Tactics:

Outreach Labs' link building tactics are guest posting, ghostwritten posts, and link insertions. Overall, they stay away from strategies that rely on paying bloggers for links.

Instead, they focus on two things - building up a history of creating good content that bloggers covet and having bloggers owe them one.

These two factors combined are all that's needed to generate great backlinks consistently.

Outreach Labs Pricing Policy:

Their packages start at $1499. You choose a monthly budget and they build a range of links within that package. Each link is assigned a monetary value based on the DR, traffic and type of links it is. For example, if they score mostly high end links a particular month, the total links delivered will be less than if they'd scored mostly medium-authority links.

Does Outreach Labs Do Real Blogger Outreach?

They absolutely do! They target links from blogs with a content manager, content marketers, traffic-having niche sites, or in general, picky blogs.

Framed in another way, they do not believe links are valuable or worth building if they come from a blogger with a price sheet, a blog with no editor, an obvious link seller, a general blog with no traffic or a guest posts only blog.


image1 2 Review: is a link building agency that focuses on high-end link building services. Their focus is on developing a custom link building strategy for each of their clients, placing a strong emphasis on competitor analysis to figure out what the right approach is for your website. Response Speed:

Response speed is within 24 hours, and they also have a dashboard area where you can log in manually to order services, which makes for a convenient experience. Link Building Tactics:’s link building tactics including relationship-based link building, guest posts and link insertions. They’re incredibly strict when it comes to link quality, and frequently blog about common issues within the industry such as low-quality links farms and PBNs. 

They strive to only earn links from real websites with strong organic traffic, who adhere to their own high quality editorial standards. Pricing Policy:

Their monthly packages start at $5999 per month which includes a fully managed link building service and guarantees a number of links each month.

However, they also have a ‘Pay per link’ option which allows those with a lower budget to acquire links on an ad-hoc basis. 

They also have minimum standards when it comes to the DR and traffic of a website they’re earning a link from. 

Does Do Real Blogger Outreach?

They do. They target blogs & websites that have strong editorial standards, and don’t shy away from attempting to earn placements and links on really high-end sites that are difficult to convince. 

They share case studies on their website which also showcase some examples of the sites they’re able to land links on. From our analysis, those sites all looked to be very high quality.’s Own SEO:

They have a DR score of 58 and over 8,000 organic visitors per month. Their website design is appealing and they frequently blog thought-leadership content around link building.

3. Page One Power

Page One Power Review:

Page One Power is a custom link building company in Boise, Idaho. The agency specializes in manual link building services to improve search traffic and rankings. They work with mom-and-pop shops all the way up to world-class brands, securing evergreen links that drive meaningful, sustainable results.

Page One Power Link Building Tactics:

Page One Power specialize in resource link building and content link building, also known as guest posting.

Page One Power Pricing Policy:

Their typical link building campaign starts at $3,500/month, but each client is different and Page One Power are happy to create a plan that works for your budget and goals.

How to Order from Page One Power:

To place your order, you will first have to get in touch with one of the sales managers through a convenient contact form.

Page One Power Response Speed:

We used the contact email found down in the site’s footer, but, unfortunately, got no reply. Even after a follow-up. But, since Page One Power specializes in custom link building, we’re sure that outreach to a custom list of prospects is well in their range of capabilities.

Page One Power ’s Own SEO:

The Page One Power website is well-optimized and has 67 DR along with 4,800 organic visitors per month.

4. Linkshero

Linkshero Review:

The amount (and quality) of backlinks pointing to your site is a top factor for your website’s success. The problem is – white hat link building is always an ungrateful and daunting process because the conversion rates are so low.

Yes, there is A LOT of rejection.

In fact, for every 100 leads, you’d get approximately 3 links. The rest is a “no” and that hurts…

And this is when Linkshero comes in. Their experienced team, armed with the market’s best tools and a very large amount of “notgivingashit”, cuts right through it. Linkshero get the links you deserve.

But that’s not all.

If you work with them you also get:

  • Free help with creating top-class linkable assets that attract links like a magnet;
  • Custom insights on how you can solidify your E-A-T (i.e. Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)
  • Your SEO-related questions answered by Artem, the founder of Linkshero;
  • And more.

Linkshero Link Building Tactics:

Linkshero focuses solely on white-hat link building techniques, completely rejecting comment link building, web 2.0 links, PBNs, directories, along with anything else that could damage your brand in the future.

How to Order from Linkshero:

To order from Linkshero, you will first need to schedule a call with its founder or reach them on LinkedIn.

Linkshero Response Speed:

They never added us on LinkedIn and scheduling a consultation without a real project to discuss is somewhat preposterous, so we’re not sure how much a link building campaign by Linkshero would cost you, but the owner is one of the better-known SEOs out there, and their service has tons of extremely positive reviews, so you can be confident Linkshero will deliver quality links for you.

Linkshero ’s Own SEO:

The Linkshero website is simply the owner’s little presentation of themselves and what they do and only features a handful of pages, with only 13 DR and 29 monthly organic traffic.

5. GrowthMate


GrowthMate Review:

GrowthMate is a relationship-based link-building agency that helps small and mid-sized businesses grow in SERP and generate more revenue. While their primary focus is on link-building for SaaS companies, they've also demonstrated remarkable success with service-oriented businesses. 

Based in Ukraine, their team includes experienced project managers, content writers, and outreach specialists skilled in content marketing and PR.

Talking about clients, they’ve successfully built backlinks and increased organic traffic for SmallPDF, Semrush, CloudTalk, Community Phone, Belkins, and other prominent players in the market.

GrowthMate Link Building Tactics:

GrowthMate focuses on personalized and hyper-personalized email outreach. They also engage in manual, healthy LinkedIn outreach, consistently expanding their network of link-building partners and nurturing collaborations at offline events. 

Their primary tactics involve ABC link exchange and top-notch quality guest posting. But they also swiftly obtain high-quality backlinks through creating listicles and unlinked brand mention campaigns, utilizing their extensive SaaS blog network and established relationships.

GrowthMate Pricing Policy:

Pricing heavily depends on the number of links and specific requirements from a client. The starting package begins at $1000. 

How to Order from GrowthMate:

To order from GrowthMate, simply go to GrowthMate’s website and schedule an appointment or reach out to Andriy Zapisotskyi, the CEO of GrowthMate, on LinkedIn. 

GrowthMate’s Response Speed:

They respond faster than a cat hearing a can opener! For a quick chat, schedule a call or reach out to the founder on LinkedIn. 

GrowthMate’s Own SEO:

The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot, and likewise, GrowthMate has just recently launched its brand-new, informative website. With a DR of only 8 and no organic traffic yet, their link-building efforts are already making an impression.

6. Upper Ranks

Upper Ranks Review:

As a premier link building company, Upper Ranks help publicly traded companies, silicon valley startups, and even small in-house SEO teams reach ‘the upper ranks’ of the increasingly competitive digital world.

Based out of New Jersey, The Upper Ranks aims to help businesses of all sizes gain greater search engine visibility, attract more customers, and become more profitable by utilizing their SEO services.

Their approach to link prospecting, analysis, content, and outreach can scale to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re a small business, an online publisher, a respected agency, or an enterprise corporation, The Upper Ranks’ trademark link building techniques can scale to fit your needs.

Link building, coupled with a website that has great content and solid on-site SEO fundamentals, is the most targeted form of drawing unlimited traffic, leads, and sales for your company. With over 90% of search engine clicks coming from organic listings, link building is indisputably one of the best online marketing strategies for the short and long term.

Upper Ranks Link Building Tactics:

All of our links are 100% built by humans, and they are built with other humans in mind. Our ethical approach to link building includes detailed research on your industry and prospective websites, an analysis of your website, a thoughtful approach to manual outreach, and, most importantly, meeting your link acquisition needs.”- as described by the Upper Ranks themselves on their website.

No matter the size of the project, you can rely on their custom link building methods to help you achieve more traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and visibility.

How to Order from Upper Ranks:

No two campaigns are the same, and to place an order you will have to first discuss it with the team by callemail, or contact form.

Upper Ranks Response Speed:

We messaged the email address right above the contact form (as always, twice) and got no answer. So, without any information regarding their prices, we can only estimate how much The Upper Ranks’ services cost and guess whether they are up for custom outreach.

Upper Ranks’s Own SEO:

The Upper Ranks website is protected by a firewall hiding their data, but we do know that their DR is at least 54.

7. Pitch Panda

Pitch Panda

Pitch Panda Review:

Pitch Panda is a link building service and platform hybrid that is a favorite amongst many link builders and SEO marketers. Users can do indirect swaps with high authority sites from Pitch Panda or pay Pitch Panda to handle the link building for them. This flexibility brings together many types of marketers and creates a robust network effect that produces access to lots of great opportunities.

Pitch Panda Link Building Tactics:

Pitch Panda's provides link inserts and guest posts. Link insert options are pretty flexible - from helping you get your service or tool onto the proper listicles to getting your content links from relevant sites. Their guest posting services have another unique twist where you can order guest posts or wait until others have ordered posts to piggyback off their post for a reduced fee. It's a win for the original orderer as well because they get rebates. 

How to Order from Pitch Panda:

You can create an order through their platform or fill out the contact form. If you are more interested in swapping with them, you must request special access to their websites after signing up.

Pitch Panda Response Speed:

Pitch Panda swiftly responds to contact form inquiries, getting us a response in under 1 hour. If you are swapping with them through the platform, the response times are more variable depending on the workload of staff but you can expect an answer within a few days.

Pitch Panda’s Own SEO:

It's early days for their SEO but they are already starting to appear on some interesting top agencies list.

8. Higher Visibility

Higher Visibility Review:

Having worked with hundreds of companies from small businesses to Fortune 1000’s, Higher Visibility understand your pain points. They also understand they aren’t the right agency for every business.

HV want to work with businesses that want a partner, not a doer. Their goal is to understand your business & what keeps you up at night so that they can develop a customized strategy that meets your specific needs regardless of size or industry.

Higher Visibility were recently named SEO Agency of the Year by Search Engine Land and are consistently recognized as a leader in their industry by multiple 3rd party review sites. They are also very proud to be included for their expertise in numerous publications including Search Engine Journal, Inc, Forbes, The Huffington Post, along with many others.

Higher Visibility Link Building Tactics:

Higher Visibility contact relevant and authoritative websites across the Internet to get their clients listed on resource lists, blog posts, news articles, and requesting websites to fix their broken links.

They also find creative ways to pitch their story ideas and will even create linkable assets like infographics or content pieces to provide valuable resources for websites to link to.

Higher Visibility Pricing Policy:

A link building campaign by Higher Visibility can fluctuate in price from several hundred dollars per month to several thousand.

How to Order from Higher Visibility:

There are no pre-made plans to buy from the get-go and to place your order you would first have to go through a consultation, which you can book via the contact form.

Higher Visibility Response Speed:

Higher Visibility were pretty swift to reply to our email within an hour but didn’t reveal any finer details such as price and custom outreach options before setting up a consultation call.

Higher Visibility’s Own SEO:

A lot of Higher Visibility’s pages are disallowed from crawling, but their DR is still displayed as a solid 74 with 2,900 monthly organic visitors.

9. Adsy


Adsy Review:

Adsy is a guest posting service with a wide range of filters and metrics that makes outreach easy for everyone. Now, site owners do not need to write to hundreds of blogs or sites to build links. All they need to do is register as a buyer.

The main service Adsy provides is guest blogging. There are 20,000+ sites ready to accept guest posts with links in them. Moreover, if a user does not have a ready article, they can order content creation straight from the publisher or Adsy’s professional copywriter.

Besides, 18 helpful filters help customers find the best-fitting sites fastly. So, everyone can reach the desired blog without a fuss and be sure they see positive results regarding SERP positions.

Another offer Adsy has is Package deals. Currently, users can pick packages based on the sites’ DA or traffic. All they have to do is choose the needed metrics and order the package. Then users can rest as Adsy’s specialists will do all the work.

Adsy Response Speed:

The service has a special form on the “Contact us” page where you can ask any questions. The service team does its best to answer during the working day. Yet, sometimes the response time might be longer due to the high volume of requests.

There are also Adsy’s social networks on Facebook, or LinkedIn customers can use to ask questions. Besides, the platform offers a very helpful FAQ section.

Also, buyers (users who want to buy links) can message publishers via the inner communication system.

How to order from Adsy:

Ordering from Adsy is quite easy. After registering, users can click the “Search for publishers” tab to find appropriate sites and start building links instantly.

Customers should press the “Packages” tab to choose any from the package deals.

Adsy Pricing Policy:

Adsy’s prices are affordable. The lowest rate per guest posting (that normally includes a minimum of one link) is $15. Users who need content creation should be ready to pay $20 and up.

The lowest DA priority package price is $250, and the Traffic priority price is $300.

Does Adsy Do Real Blogger Outreach?

The company’s team hand checks every submission they receive. Plus, they developed special metrics to track publishers’ quality. That makes Adsy a reliable outreach service.

Adsy’s Own SEO:

Ahrefs displays their DR as 65 with 6.6K monthly organic traffic.

10. Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence is a data driven technical search marketing agency which is driven by its internally developed technology to deliver our clients a significant edge over their rivals. We believe in building our clients a sustainable return on investment with a combination of technical knowhow, content creation and link building. We help clients globally from enterprise, SME’s to agencies. Our services cover SEO, blogger outreach, link building, content production, technical SEO consultancy, PPC & paid social.

11. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas Review:

For 20 years, Internet Marketing Ninjas have specialized in link building and strived to offer the most effective white-hat link building services anywhere.

Internet Marketing Ninjas Link Building Tactics:

The method they use for content marketing and link building first involves creating trusted content as well as brand assets (infographics, polls, quizzes, videos, calculators, etc.).

Once they create awesome trusted content and brand assets for your site, they market this content, and in turn, you earn real citations (links), which increase your site’s trustworthiness in the eyes of Google.

Internet Marketing Ninjas Pricing Policy:

The prices for their services start at $7,500/monthly and include consulting, and the content itself along with its marketing. That will get you 10 links.

How to Order from Internet Marketing Ninjas:

To place an order you have to go through submitting a contact form and discussing what exactly you are looking for with their VP of sales, but once that is done you get access to an extremely in-depth dashboard which you can use to track your project.

They even provided us with the login and password of a dummy account so we could see that dashboard for ourselves without ordering.

Internet Marketing Ninjas Response Speed:

The reply to our initial email came in as little as 10 minutes.

Does Internet Marketing Ninjas Do Real Blogger Outreach?:

They are one of the very few vendors who actually refused to do outreach to our prospect list because they “have their unique process and are unable to process someone else’s link building plan”.

Internet Marketing Ninjas’s Own SEO:

But they clearly know what they are doing with a high Domain Rating of 78 and with 26,600 unique organic visits to boot.

Other Blogger Outreach Agencies We Considered

12. BibiBuzz

BibiBuzz Review:

BibiBuzz is run by a single SEO who is adept at helping people build a natural, diverse link profile.

BibiBuzz Response Speed:

There is a simplistic but functional contact form you can use to reach them though, and we got a reply the following morning.

How to Order from BibiBuzz:

The whole process is rather straightforward: you use the contact form and then discuss your details with the owner.

BibiBuzz Pricing Policy:

Their prices start at $4,000 per 10 links, which isn’t too high, but not exceptionally low either. Anyhow, this price includes the content, publishing fees, etc.

BibiBuzz Link Building Tactics:

Their main way of getting links is guest posting, but while you discuss your campaign with them you can pick which strategies are to be used.

BibiBuzz also provides you with a project tracker which lets you see exactly what they are doing and what stage they are at.

Does BibiBuzz Do Real Blogger Outreach?

They are very flexible with their strategies and transparent about who they reach out to.

BibiBuzz’s Own SEO:

The BibiBuzz website could definitely use some improvement and the owner is very much aware of it, but they provide honest services and that’s what truly counts.

13. Forward Linking

Forward Linking Review:

Forward Linking provides a bespoke link building service that enables their clients to be featured on relevant & authoritative websites; leading to increased Google rankings, increased brand exposure, and increased levels of targeted organic traffic.

As the name suggests, they are a forward-thinking agency. Google’s algorithm is always changing so they like to futureproof their links by only building links that will stand the test of time. That is why Forward Linking have strict criteria for qualifying our target sites; they only contact the best websites in your niche.

These are links on relevant sites, trusted by Google, already ranking and receiving high levels of organic traffic.

Their outreach service can be described as being highly personalized, relevant, transparent, and ROI focused.

How to Order from Forward Linking :

There are three basic plans at the bottom of their homepage, but you have to discuss your order with the team before you can place it. Thankfully, their contact form along with the support email is right below.

Forward Linking Link Building Tactics:

We have plenty of link building techniques at our disposal, but we generally go after resource links, guest post links, and broken links.”

Forward Linking Response Speed:

It took them a couple of hours to respond, but the managing director in touch was very clear and to-the-point about each detail about their services (more so than a lot of other vendors we spoke with).

Forward Linking Pricing Policy:

The per-link pricing of Forward Linking’s services is £200/link at the highest.

Does Forward Linking Do Real Blogger Outreach?

Forward Linking is an example of providing honest services. They actually offered to reach out to our list with a 10% discount since they wouldn’t need to prospect for websites themselves.

Forward Linking ’s Own SEO:

Ahrefs displays their DR as 0.5 with 0 organic traffic, so something must be preventing us from getting the real data.

14. Globex Outreach

Globex Outreach Review:

Globex was founded in 2010. Since its inception, the company has grown into one of the fastest-growing outsourced blogger outreach/content marketing agencies around the world. It is their goal to work with clients to improve link outreach and content marketing campaigns to improve their online presence and increase traffic to their sites.

Globex Outreach Response Speed:

Globex Outreach replied to our email 3 hours after we sent it.

How To Order from Globex Outreach:

To place your order, you will first need to pick out the websites you want your link placements on from Globex Outreach’s list (or your own one) and send them to one of the team members via email.

Does Globex Outreach Do Real Outreach?

Globex Outreach offers both a manual link outreach service and uses an already established directory of websites for guest posting (there are over 13,000 blogs in it).

Globex Outreach Link Building Tactics:

In the list the team sent us, each blog had at least 30 Domain Authority, 30 Page Authority, and 35 Domain Rating. The average turnaround time for Globex Outreach’s services is three to five days, depending on how quickly the bloggers reply.

Globex Outreach Pricing Policy:

Depending on the website you choose to publish on, the price can fluctuate from $65 to $550 and even more.

Globex Outreach’s Own SEO:

Their website’s DR is 30, with 14 monthly organic visitors.

15. Outreach Buzz

Outreach Buzz Review:

Outreach Buzz is a team of enthusiastic people, passionate about digital marketing, and willing to create a community where every member gets to win. They focus on finding the right solutions for any blogger outreach problem you may have. Having this in mind, they created with the purpose to help bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and content promotion experts.

Outreach Buzz Response Speed:

Outreach Buzz answered our email within 4 hours.

How To Order from Outreach Buzz:

Before you can order from Outreach Buzz, you need to register an account on their website and choose from one of the packages or get in touch with the team to discuss your project in detail.

Outreach Buzz Link Building Tactics:

Outreach Buzz uses guest posts on both already established blogging connections and websites you request them to outreach to. They also make sure each resource is relevant, gets regularly updated, and ranks in Google organically. You can also place your own requirements and be very selective about the blogs you wish to post on.

Does Outreach Buzz Do Real Outreach?

At the start of your outreach campaign, the team will create a new email account that they will be using during it. You receive access to that account and can monitor exactly what they are doing, so the process is completely transparent.

Outreach Buzz Pricing Policy:

First, there is the writing fee. For 650 words you will have to pay $20 and if you want your posts to be 900+ words long, it goes up to $30. Then, there is the publication fee that changes from webmaster to webmaster (starting at $40). And finally, for 50 successful placements, Outreach Buzz charges $90.

Outreach Buzz Own SEO:

Their website’s DR is 30, with 101 organic traffic monthly.

16. ARC Digitech

ARC Digitech Review:

It is one of those transactions that is a win-win for both parties. Bloggers get unique and compelling content from high-authority sites featured on their blog, while the website gets a high-quality backlink. If you are concerned about your website’s search engine ranking, guest post writing is one of the services Arc Digitech offers that can help you achieve a higher position.

ARC Digitech Response Speed:

We got a response from ARC Digitech’s support email three hours after messaging them.

How To Order from ARC Digitech:

To  get started with your order from ARC Digitech, you have to get in touch with the team and let them know how many guest blogs you need and on which resources.

ARC Digitech Link Building Tactics:

Before adding blogs to their list, ARC Digitech vet them for quality, checking their domain authority, the number of backlinks, and the performance change in search engines upon the procurement of a link.

ARC Digitech Pricing Policy:

You can get placements on smaller websites for as little as $20/link, while high-authority resources like the USA today will require $200/blog post. Places like ApNews and Yahoo will be even more expensive, needing up to $500 to post on.

ARC Digitech’s Own SEO:

ARC Digitech’s Domain Rating is 9, with 12 organic traffic.

17. Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks Review:

Established in 2017, Outreach Monks is a link building agency offering strategic and sustainable solutions through manual blogger outreach. They help brands worldwide to experience increased search engine rankings and traffic.

They act as a trusted partner for agencies, offering full transparency and accountability. A team of strategic marketing experts along with experienced native writers helps to create searchable content and links that produce results.

Outreach Monks Response Speed:

Our reply came the next day after submitting the contact form.

How To Order from Outreach Monks:

You will have access to a custom, easy-to-use dashboard, where you can place orders, check their status, and get white-label reports.

Outreach Monks Link Building Tactics:

Outreach Monks use two link building models. The first one is all about landing guest posts on already established blogging connections, while the second one features a purely custom outreach approach.

They will scan your niche searching for prime link building opportunities, picking sites depending on their link histories as well as metrics including DR, TF, CF, RD, and, of course, organic traffic. Or you could just give them your own list of prospects to reach out to.

Outreach Monks Pricing Policy:

The prices for link placements by Outreach Monks start at $59 for a DA 10+ placement and cap out at $419 for a DA 60+ placement.

Outreach Monks’ Own SEO:

Outreach Monks’ website has 48 DR and gets 358 organic traffic monthly.

18. OutReachFrog

OutReachFrog Review:

OutReach Frog has a track record of providing websites with more SEO traffic through the use of high-quality backlinks. Their team has experience dating back to 1996.

They secure long-lasting links on the web’s best blogs. These links provide sustainable white-hat value. Order easily online through the dashboard. After that our team works using a  manual process so you can sit back while we do all the work.

OutReachFrog Response Speed:

We used OutReachFrog’s contact form since we couldn’t find a contact email on their site, and our reply came the next day.

How To Order from OutReachFrog:

There are several plans you can order right from OutReachFrog’s website. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the team and discuss your project in more detail that way, or register to use OutReachFrog’s dashboard.

OutReachFrog Link Building Tactics:

OutReachFrog focus solely on manual outreach and secure backlinks by creating high-quality content and offering it to websites in your niche. They were more than happy to accept our list of prospects since it makes their job easier and they don’t have to find them themselves.

OutReachFrog Pricing Policy:

OutReachFrog’s premium plan will score you 8 backlinks for $2500/monthly. That translates to about $312/link.

OutReachFrog’s Own SEO:

Too many of OutReachFrog’s pages are blocked from crawling for us to get an accurate representation of their site’s SEO.

19. Heroic Search

Heroic Search Review:

Heroic Search link building services are centered around manual outreach, as well as relationship building. Their team frequently uses over a dozen tactics to earn links to clients in a variety of industries.

They have relationships with editors, bloggers, journalists, and even other agencies. When these two methods are combined, they present a strong force that results in high-quality links for even the most difficult niches and assignments. Offerings include monthly link building campaigns, as well as one-off packages.

How to Order from Heroic Search:

Ordering from Heroic Search is rather simple. All you have to do is fill out an online questionnaire with a few simple questions. That includes your name, email address, which link building tactics do you agree on using, and how many links do you actually want to be built.

Heroic Search Pricing Policy:

Unlike a lot of other link building companies, Heroic Search doesn’t make their prices depending on metrics like Domain Authority. Instead, the prices of their services are determined by how competitive your niche is.

They range from $300/link for low-competition niches like sports and arts to $450/link for legal, real estate, health, and other highly competitive niches.

Heroic Search Link Building Tactics:

As for the tactics they use, they include guest posting, broken link building, expired domain redirects, image link building, sponsorship link building, and more.

Does Heroic Search Do Real Blogger Outreach?

They agreed on using our own list of prospects to reach out to, but also suggested that the results might not be as good as if they filtered out their own prospects as well. So, they offered to do outreach to both our prospects and their own to get the most out of the campaign.

Heroic Search Response Speed:

It only took them about 20 minutes to reply as well, which is a sign of incredible organization.

Heroic Search’s Own SEO:

Their Domain Rating sits at 62 with the amount of organic traffic capping out at 62 visits monthly as well.

Tips When Hiring a Blogger Outreach Agency

Should you outsource blogger outreach or do it inhouse?

Even the best blogger outreach agencies need time to succeed.

Outsourcing is not for you unless you can comfortably fund 6 months worth of activity.

If you have more time than budget, try learning how to build links instead.

You can eventually hire your own freelancers on Upwork and build tons of great links for less.

If you have the budget, outsourcing has its benefits as well.

Outreach companies already have processes and trained staff to act fast.

They’ve got established connections with top bloggers, making securing quality placements easier.

Types of blogger outreach agencies

I place agencies into 3 buckets: scammers, bulk, and personalizers.

1. Scammer outreach agencies

They promise blogger outreach campaigns but deliver private blog network or guest post farm links.

Tip offs:

  • pricing below $100 per link
  • sharing website lists with you,
  • having fast turn around times on each link

These type of services no longer have a place in SEO in my opinion.

2. Bulk outreach agencies

It’s a numbers game for bulk outreach agencies.

Sending 1000’s of templated emails hoping for a decent response rate.

Success depends on how compelling the template is.

Offering $1000 for a link will get you responses for sure.

Pitching a generic guest post won’t.

Templates aren’t bad if the outreach agency knows what their doing.

A less personalized but killer value proposition template will drive plenty responses.

Good examples:

  1. Free access to a tool in exchange for a link
  2. High end link in exchange for a link
  3. Large social media visibility in exchange for a link

Bad examples:

  1. I would like to contribute a fresh, high-quality, article for your website at zero cost.
  2. I need a guest post on your website how much is your price for each post.

Not a fan of templates offering to pay for links.

Most responses come from worthless blogs because quality bloggers ignore such emails.

Ask your prospective agency about their templates to see how advanced they are (or aren’t).

3. Personalized Outreach Agencies

Personalized outreach agencies claim they personalize every step of their email outreach.

Benefit include a higher response rates from high authority bloggers.

Downside is pricing. You’ll pay more per link as labor costs are higher.

Do blogger outreach companies still work?

Having success with blog outreach isn’t easy anymore.

Google is smarter. There’s more competition.

However, outsourcing your blogger outreach can still work depending on these factors:

1. State of your website

It work best on authoritative sites that are SEO-optimized.

The same campaign probably fails on lesser websites.

A good outreach agency discusses those factors with you beforehand.

Others will gloss over it, take your money and deliver links that’ll do nothing.

2. Backlink quality

What’s better?

  • 10 links from niche relevant blogs OR 100 links from generalist blogs?
  • 10 links from high traffic blogs or 100 links from low traffic blogs?
  • 10 links from influential bloggers or 100 links from “admin”?
  • 10 links that generate referral traffic or 100 links that generate none?

I can go on but you get the idea.

A real blogger outreach program delivers the former while most blog outreach services do the latter.

Is it safe to use a blogger outreach service?

Link building is dangerous.

A Google link penalty that sets your business back months is not a rare thing.

Year after year, Google updates are getting better at penalizing spammy links and aggressive anchor text.

Blogger outreach companies need to prove they deliver real links with proper strategy.

  • Ask for case studies and link samples.
  • Ask how they approach natural anchor text.
  • Ask how they evaluate blogs.
  • Ask about their buying backlinks policy.
  • Ask how they evaluate backlink profiles.

How much do blogger outreach agencies cost?

Here’s a good framework for evaluating the monthly pricing of blogger outreach agencies.

Take their monthly fee and divide it by how many links they’ll deliver.

For example, if its $2000 a month for 10 links, then its $200 per link. $4000 for 10 links is $400.

Here are a few insights you can gleam now:

Below $100 per link

Probably means not links from genuine websites with traffic.

I’d guess they’re creating content for $10, paying a blog partner $15 to publish and pocketing the rest.


$150-$250 per link

This is the realm of bulk outreach agencies.

They’ll send hundreds of emails knowing some genuine websites will respond.

Response rate depend on how good the value proposition is in the email template.

$300-$400 per link

Blogger outreach providers who promise real personalization come in at this price point.

If the company is charging this amount and not personalizing, you’re better off in the $150-$250 tier.

Questions to Ask a Blogger Outreach Company

If you’re at a loss when trying to evaluate a blogger outreach agency, here’s are some questions to ask.

Evaluating their backlink quality

  • Do they deliver real websites?
  • What metrics do you use for backlink quality evaluation? Ahrefs DR, Moz Domain Authority, Ahrefs traffic.
  • How do you weed out spammy sites? Do you check monthly traffic?

Evaluating their outreach process

  • What types of blogger outreach do you do?
  • Do you use blog outreach software?
  • What’s their manual outreach strategy? Are they natural links?
  • What’s their approach to blogger outreach? How do they build a relationship with bloggers?
  • What’s their outreach process like? Is it genuine outreach?
  • Who does the outreach efforts? Is it outreach teams?
  • How do they target key influencers? What’s the blogger outreach journey look like?
  • How do you evaluate my website for link readiness? Do you do content evaluation?

Evaluating their content quality

  • What types of content do they deliver?
  • Who are the content writers?
  • Who comes up with the content ideas?
  • Do clients have a say in the content topics?
  • What’s your content creation strategy?
  • Do you include additional relevant links in the content?

This may seem like a lot to ask but you can learn a lot from their answers.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right blogger outreach service provider isn’t as easy as going with the top agency on this list.

It’ll come down to your budget, expertise and current state of your site.

Hopefully this “what to look for” framework + list of blog outreach agencies helps get you closer to your decision.

Best of luck to picking the perfect link outreach partner and getting those juicy rankings.

Ajay Paghdal
Outreach Labs Founder
🕒 23 mins read
Dec 22, 2023

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Ajay Paghdal
Outreach Labs Founder
Ajay enjoys tinkering with new link building strategies, building teams and processes around it and in general, has enjoyed being a part of the industry for the past decade.

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