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Then and Now: A Brief State of the Union Address Regarding Directory Link Building

In the “good ‘ol days” of SEO, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Google didn’t care about things like high quality content, time on page, or any of those other ‘pesky’ metrics, directory link building was a gold mine.

For about $100, you could build 20,000 directory links while sitting in your pajamas and watching Family Guy reruns.

Then, when you got up the next morning to get back to “business”… Voila! Your website was #1.

Today, that same tactic will get your website sent to the naughty corner and leave it ranking worse than when you started.

Because of the dramatic decrease in the efficacy of directory link building, most SEOs have written it off entirely.

However, if you peel back the curtain and look behind the scenes of the top ranked sites in Google… Almost ALL of them have a metric crapton directory links.

Links that were built after the first few iterations of the Panda and Penguin updates (which basically spelled out the demise of DLB as we knew it).

So it’s clear that directory link building as a strategy still works.
But here’s the thing…

Even though the strategy still works, the tactics with which you execute it have changed dramatically.

Namely: Building directory backlinks with automatic tools or purchasing a bulk deal on Fiverr is now one of the worst things you can possibly do for your website’s success.

It’s an exercise in futility that will drain your bank account, SEO juice, and dignity faster than trying to buy cold traffic from a porn site.

So what is a budding SEO to do?


Find high quality directories, build the backlinks manually, and then reap the rewards.

But before I show you the best ways to execute this strategy, I need to digress for a moment and discuss a quick caveat.

Ajay Paghdal
Outreach Labs Founder
🕒 2 mins read
Last updated on
Dec 27, 2023

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Article by
Ajay Pagdal
Outreach Labs Founder
Ajay enjoys tinkering with new link building strategies, building teams and processes around it and in general, has enjoyed being a part of the industry for the past decade.

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