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Best Citation Building Services (30+ Reviewed)

Looking for the best citation building services? Look no further! In this post, we'll review the top 30 citation building services and help you choose the right one for your business.

Citation building is the process of creating listings for your business on directories and other websites. These listings include your business name, address, and phone number (NAP), as well as other important information like your business hours and website URL.

Creating accurate and consistent citations is important for local search optimization because it helps search engines better understand your business and its location. citation building can also help improve your visibility in local search results, making it easier for potential customers to find you online.

There are a lot of citation building services out there, and it can be tough to know which one is right for you. That's why we've put together this comprehensive list of the best citation building services, complete with reviews and comparisons.

Take a look at the list below and find the perfect citation building service for your business!

Keep scrolling to see the entire list of 50+ citation building company. In between, I’ll give you a background on what citations are and why you need them.

What are Citations in SEO?

Citations are an online reference of a business. To be considered a reference, it should contains the name, address and phone number of the business with or without a backlink to the business website.

Search engines can crawl these listings and consider them as “votes” of legitimacy that can impact your SEO both positively or negatively, depending on the implementation.

Top 10 Citation Building Services for 2020

1. Submitshop

web logo

Submitshop is a Search Engine Optimization Submission, Web Promotion, Internet Marketing and Ranking Placement Company specializing in search engine submission, website optimization, internet marketing and other web promotion services so that the clients can effectively achieve their business objectives online and have a high ROI. We at Submit Shop work with each client on a one-to-one basis to evaluate needs and provide the very best service and support.

2. SEOlutions

web logo

All of our link packages are developed synergistically. This means, that each of our services consists of different types of backlinks with a different metrical baseline and purpose. Subsequently, you can combine all of our packages with each other to create an individualized, well-structured and powerful campaign of different backlinks to catapult your website to new heights

3. Local Citation

web logo

Local Citation UK, headquartered in London, United Kingdom is offering Local business citation submission services since 2013. Their local search engine optimization team is known for their updated and well-maintained citation sources database with 1000s of quality business listing and yellow pages websites for countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. They have primary and secondary citation sources of whole United Kingdom covering Greater London, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Local Citation UK Services are citation building, citation cleanup, complete citation audit and management.

4. MarketersCenter

web logo

We set fair prices for all of our services so you can resell them at a fair and ethical price to your clients.

5. Greenix Marketing

GreenixMedia started in 2008 as a mission to provide truly secure web hosting. Since then we have matured into a “boutique” agency offering quality Web Design, Hosting & Management and Internet Marketing services.

6. Triple Option Web Solutions

web logo

Triple Option Web Solutions has always remained committed to providing affordable, compelling, and innovative website design, local search engine optimization, and a range of digital marketing strategies and services to companies and organizations.

7. Citation Building Service

web logo

Providing local citation submission & building services since more than 5 years now. This site is specifically dedicated for citation building for USA & Canada areas covering all areas like New York, California, Seattle, Houston, Chicago, San Diego,  Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver

8. Tistasoft

web logo

As an SEO Services Company, we provide clients with creative Internet marketing solutions that deliver real results.

9. RS Seo Solution

web logo

RS SEO Solution has been providing complete SEO and link building services ever since it was founded in 2004. We are now one among the top 10 SEO link building firms, thanks to all people for their enormous trust in our link building strategies. We strictly adhere to manual link submission strategies and that will continue to be the most successful strategies in times of any changes.

10. Bright Local

web logo

We built BrightLocal to help every marketer working with a local business do their job better. Our tools and services have already helped over 80,000 local marketers deliver success for their brands and clients, and we’re just getting started.

The Rest

11. MOZ Local

web logo

At Moz, we believe there is a better way to do marketing. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are earned rather than bought. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. We focus on search engine optimization (SEO). It’s one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of great marketing, and we see that as an opportunity: We’re excited to simplify SEO for everyone through our software, education, and community.

12. Whitespark

web logo

Whitespark is a free online SEO analysis tool that helps you improve your business.
This tool tracks your search engine optimization rankings by location.
It also helps you find your citations and online references to your business, which can increase your rankings.
Using it, you can build your reputation via online customer feedback and reviews and you can easily find quality link-building opportunities.

13. Yext

web logo

The world of search has seen a massive paradigm shift. People don’t just type in disparate keywords; they ask very specific questions. And they expect — and depend on — accurate answers to help them make important decisions in their lives. However, they are increasingly delivered misinformation, making it harder for people to know if they can really trust the answers they are getting online.

14. Synup

web logo

Synup transforms a brands’ ability to deliver relevant and trustworthy business content across all locations, devices, and digital media. Brands can now easily analyze and optimize their content across reviews, voice search, menus and more while improving customer acquisition, advocacy, loyalty, brand experience, and discoverability.

15. The Hoth

web logo

The HOTH is an acronym for Hittem Over The Head, in other words, to bludgeon with awesomeness. It can be used as a noun (as in our product, or our brand) or as a verb (i.e. To HOTH someone, to HOTH something). When we started the HOTH in 2010, the industry was plagued with sketchy service providers with poor support. We wanted to change all that. We became the best SEO company so you would have an amazing experience. We put our names and faces on The HOTH, made support a PRIORITY and gave out guarantees. We developed an entire suite of products to fit your needs. We made a streamlined production system that allows us to deliver your custom projects and campaigns with agility, speed, and scale. All in a nicely wrapped interface that produces results for YOU, day in and day out.

16. Loganix

web logo

Our service expanded as new ranking signals became preeminent. Over time, we developed a measured approach to dealing with new algorithm changes that’s perfectly suited to today’s SEO nuance. Our team—with backgrounds in website development, copywriting, and link building—gives us the resources to develop and launch solutions in-house that serve businesses around the world.

17. LocalMyBiz

web logo

We offer Advanced Local SEO Services in accordance with Google policies that will benefit your business. Our #SEO techniques are up to date, result-oriented and make money for small and medium businesses and larger companies. Whether it’s the latest search engine optimization updates or risky algorithmic changes incorporated by Google, our experts and seasoned, certified SEO experts work in a unique way to keep your business safe.

18. Silver Edge Media

web logo

Silver Edge Media is an Online Marketing Company that offers a wide range of online marketing strategies and other online services for any business in any industry. We are highly efficient, focusing on constructing fast and effective results for all the wants and needs of our clients. Our company features professional online workers who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced when it comes to online marketing services. We are committed to helping people achieve their goals through our comprehensive solutions.

19. Citation Building Group

web logo

Here at Citation Building Group, we pride ourselves in providing SEO agencies, with a cost- effective citation building service.
We understand that SEO agencies optimize their clients’ businesses through Local SEO strategies and that citation building is one of those strategies. Contracting Citation Building Group to handle your clients’ online business directory submissions will allow you to focus on the other Local SEO marketing strategies. You supply us with your clients’ information and our expert team will immediately begin working on the citation submissions.

20. KSoft

web logo

KSoft also has a unique structure of functioning which strives more for Quality and also timely communication with the client for hassle-free performance. Ksoft provides a team of skilled manpower as per the client and project requirements, which is 100% dedicated to the project. To ensure customer satisfaction we work 24/7 & 365 days with developing quality work, at quality work atmosphere to generate quality work productivity.

21. eXthus

web logo

We treat your business like it’s our own. We take the time to fully understand what your business does, who your target market are, and what your goals are. Every link we build, and every piece of content we create, is something we are proud of. If we wouldn’t do it for eXthus, we won’t do it for you.

22. Allure SEO

web logo

Allure SEO provides complete website design, maintenance configuration, and promotion services for businesses that want to expand their customers into new markets. We combine logistic and data-driven tracking for increased online search results that yield higher interest in this global marketplace.

23. Kate Dewick

web logo

Our team lead by Kate Dewick, specializes in results-driven solutions for businesses like yours. The process starts by LISTENING to YOU. We don’t offer a one size fits all solution. We ask questions, and perform hours of research on your business, customers and competition.  Our knowledge lets us make informed decisions that will allow us to be creative to produce results so you out sell your competition and increase your profits for years to come.


web logo

FATJOE was founded in the year 2012 and is one of the good and yet growing SEO agency for link building and Content Marketing.

25. Montreal 360 Local

web logo

We claim all of the most important directories where possible and give in-depth instructions for all others that should be verified by the client (they may require a phone call or other methods of verification). Live profiles are the only ones which are delivered, including all client login info.

26. MarketingBros

web logo

Our team pay extra attention to your overall local citation profile and never create dupe listings. Not just that, once we discover a prior existing duplicate or incorrect citation we record it to your report so you can take action.
We have tweaked our process that allows us to deliver accurate citations. MarketingBros has a strict quality control standards and process, and a manual verification of the information you have supplied us will guarantee a mistake-free campaign!

27. Compete Digital

web logo

Here at Compete Digital, we like to believe that online marketing should be done in synergy. We believe content is the cornerstone of inbound marketing and every other activity revolves around promoting it and converting content consumers into customers.

28. Digital Media Group

web logo

Digital Media Group was established in 2011 by David Nazaryan and Sam Davtyan. Prior to starting their own PR and marketing agency, they worked for several leading marketing and media companies representing global brands and small businesses. Their reputation as PR and marketing professionals began spreading by word-of-mouth among digital media companies as they began to understand what these two talented men are capable of achieving.

29. DigitalMobz

web logo

At DigitalMobz, our professional experts wish to place the business to next higher level. With the increasing competition, it becomes difficult for the business to stand by the first position. But, we aim to foster the growth in best possible way with world-class technologies. Our vision is to grow, maintain and create a perfect storm for your business site.

30. Web Digital Marketing

web logo

Web Digital Marketing was founded in 2011. We are the best website design, development, digital marketing and branding agency in Ahmedabad, India that will increase the recognition of your online business. Design and development of unique solutions, web and mobile applications and digital marketing – we do everything to increase the profitability of your business.

31. ClickDo

web logo

As a London-based SEO Agency and local consultancy firm we do have the most authentic search engine optimization skills and all our team members are ranking for some of the world’s toughest keywords. There is a science behind this and all staff receive regular training manuals to use the SEO tools as effectively and innovatively as possible.

32. Credo

web logo

Credo started in 2013 out of a frustration with bad marketing firms who do subpar work for clients. We’re here to bring transparency, good business practices, and great work to the consulting world.

33. Post Launch

web logo

Post Launch serves our clients above all else. (That includes our moms, spouses and children—your mom, too!) Online success is primary in all our pursuits, treating each business as if it were our own. We strive to be the smartest in the web presence stratosphere, so you have more time in your day to do what you enjoy, whatever weird crap it is you like doing.

34. SEO Traffic

web logo

We understand your need to find more customers online through Google. We work with various companies and develop an affordable SEO strategy that helps increase their online visibility. We have been serving clients across South Africa and Internationally. Our Primary goal is to help your business increase sales through your website by generating targeted leads through various SEO strategies.

35. Brand Pips

web logo

BrandPips, the established web services company in Singapore that has creative team employing advanced techniques and talents serving clients across the world. Our highly streamlined approach gives our customers the positive experience.

36. Huptech Web

web logo

The brainchild of a young achiever with a zest to conquer the digital world through ardent efforts and continuous updation with the latest technological means.

37. Target Digital Marketing

web logo

Target Digital Marketing is a performance based digital marketing firm specializing in direct response and other strategic online marketing approaches. Our strategies are designed to improve traffic, generate leads and increase customer sales for local businesses. We’ve been partnering with business owners across North America for a number of years to improve their online presence, digital marketing strategies and campaigns.


A Brief Explanation of the Lists:

– Link building services list: this is a catch-all list of all the popular link building services, regardless of the specific method of link building they do
– Guest posting services list: companies make this list if they build links using their already existing network of bloggers
– Blogger outreach services list: companies make this list if they reach out to bloggers that they don’t have connections with on your behalf
– Directory submission services list

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